Out now! C.B.Khan’s long-awaited debut novel “I am Sikunder!”

Through the eyes of young Sikunder, C.B. Khan reveals a cinematic vision of cultural, racial and religious conflict colliding in this story of love and hatred – a lesson for the children of today.

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Pakistan, 1971. Drawn into the lives of a newly arrived American family, a seemingly innocent friendship forces Sikunder, the son of a young English woman and proud Pakhtun doctor, to question his place in the world – a friendship that will inevitably end in tragedy. Thirty years on, Sikunder must confront his childhood nightmares to finally discover the truth behind the events of the summer of ’71.

“I am Sikunder!” is set at a cataclysmic time in the country’s history – courted by the United States and spiralling towards war with India. Told with endearing honesty, this is a compelling tale of love, identity and belonging rooted in the shifting and murky geopolitical struggle of a post-colonial world.

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