OurProperty has announced the makeup of its new Advisory Board

Queensland based proptech company, OurProperty, has just announced the makeup of its new Advisory Board and there are some stellar names on the roster.

Former LJ Hooker and Salmat CEO, Grant Harrod, is a familiar name to those in the Australian real estate landscape, and San Diego based Chris Heller is just as familiar to the industry on the other side of the Pacific, having been CEO of Keller Williams, the most dominant worldwide real estate franchise in history with more than 150,000 Agents in 800 offices globally when he left the group to become CEO of California based LoanDepot offshoot, mellohome. Heller was also named on the Inman list of the ‘10 Most Powerful and Influential Corporate Executives’ in Residential Real Estate in 2017.

Other members of the board include: Kylie Davis, formerly with CoreLogic and now CEO of Real Content and Head of Policy at the Real Estate Institute of NSW; Stephen Fisher, the accountancy partner at Jemmeson Fisher; and Vasili Hadzellis, Managing Director of Core Property Management Consulting and one of the property management industry’s leading advisors.

OurProperty is viewed as a major disrupter in the Property Management space, with their new payment platform set to be released in February of 2019. Rather than the traditional collection of rental into Trust for a later disbursement to landlords and creditors, the company’s new product allows for realtime collection and payment via an online gateway with no need for a rental Trust account. This means no more rent Trust admin, no end-of-months, and more importantly for their clients, no more agency-level employee fraud.

Rapid growth seems to be the norm for leading tech companies, but even by these standards the growth at OurProperty is remarkable, with a doubling of the number of properties running on its platform in the last 6 months alone.

CEO Alexander Moore expects the growth to not only continue but to escalate, confident that they will double again by the end of this financial year. “We’re going through a really exciting time of growth,” Alexander Moore said. “The agency sector is screaming out for a single platform that delivers deep benefits, and those numbers don’t show any signs of slowing down soon.”

OurProperty plan to expand their product into the US market next year. “In the second half of 2019 we plan to release our initial product into the vast US market, which is ready and waiting for an automation product like ours,” Moore said.

Automation and artificial intelligence are the industry buzz words at the moment and the development team at OurProperty are confident that they lead the market in these areas, not only in Australia but globally. Founder and CTO Russ Burstow made the point that artificial intelligence allows us to save time on outdated practices. “Smart AI based on deep learning algorithms allows us to develop a great customer experience whilst at the same time saving the agency a fortune in labour costs,” Burstow said. “We’re not just creating another software tool, we’re creating the future”.

Burstow is enthusiastic about the future and the boundless scope to improve the industry “Just wait till you see our Tenant acquisition module in the first quarter of 2019, and our keyless entry platform that we hope to release later in 2019 – they’ll change the way we all work and live,” Burstow said.

Interesting times ahead in an industry that is screaming out for change.