Orthogonal Launches SPAC Fund Anchored by Institutional and Individual Investments Exceeding $10 Million

Orthogonal Asset Management, LLC (“Orthogonal”) is excited to announce the launch of a SPAC-focused vehicle with strategic anchor investments in excess of $10 million.
The Orthogonal SPAC Advantage Fund employs a next-generation “quantamental” strategy that combines a bottom-up fundamental research approach with top-down quantitative risk controls. Investment insights and trading strategies are informed by Orthogonal’s proprietary SPAC database and robust analytics infrastructure, and are further enhanced by machine learning-based technologies to identify outperforming SPAC-related investment and arbitrage opportunities. 
The anchor investors comprise institutional and individual investors associated with a Chicago-based multi-family office that is an SEC-registered investment adviser. Orthogonal is targeting a raise of $100 million in the coming months.
Dion Chu, Orthogonal’s managing principal, said, “This is a unique market with great opportunities for asymmetric alpha generation. We’re thrilled to bring our investors diversified exposure to this fast-growing asset class.”
About Orthogonal
Founded by three graduates of Harvard Law School with a unique combination of buy- and sell-side experience and practicing legal expertise, Orthogonal is an innovative asset management company that blends quantitative and fundamental analytical techniques. Its mission is to generate alpha with investment insights drawn from its principals’ cross-domain knowledge. For more information, please email contact@orthogonalglobal.com or visit www.orthogonalglobal.com.
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Source: Orthogonal Asset Management, LLC