Orthogonal Asset Management Engaged by Calumet Capital to Enhance Analytics and Risk Management Platform for Law Firm Direct Lending

Calumet Capital LLC (“Calumet”), a provider of direct lending solutions to leading plaintiff law firms, announced today that it has engaged Orthogonal Asset Management LLC (“Orthogonal”) as a portfolio advisor.
As portfolio advisor, Orthogonal will support Calumet’s ongoing development of its analytical capabilities, enhancing Calumet’s state-of-the-art underwriting and risk-management expertise.
“Orthogonal is the perfect partner for Calumet. Our capital partners seek exposure to exceptional, risk-adjusted opportunities in the direct, legal-lending space. Our borrowers seek transparent, competitive products that support their growth and understand the dynamics of the complex litigation environment,” said Dan Carroll, Calumet’s founder and CEO. “Orthogonal is the best team to help us assess this unique combination of needs. Our partners and clients will benefit from Orthogonal’s insights.”
Dion Chu, the managing principal of Orthogonal, said, “Calumet is a firm that shares our focus on innovation and excellence. This is the beginning of a strong relationship and we’re excited to be able to contribute to Calumet’s further success.”
About Calumet
The Chicago-based Calumet specializes in the provision of loans bundled with financial and operational consulting services to law firms engaged in contingent-fee mass tort practices. In the last 24-months, Calumet has placed more than $400 million to firms in connection with suits that exceed $5 billion in settled claims. For more information about Calumet: email info@calumetcapital.com or visit www.calumetcapital.com.
About Orthogonal
Founded by three graduates of Harvard Law School, Orthogonal is a New York-based asset manager known for its innovative investment approach that blends rigorous quantitative and fundamental techniques. Drawing on its principals’ unusual combination of expertise, Orthogonal specializes in generating alpha from unique sources. For more information on Orthogonal: email contact@orthogonalglobal.com or visit www.orthogonalglobal.com.
Source: Orthogonal Asset Management, LLC