Oregon Approves EcoClear’s Non-Toxic VoleX™ for Use Against Destructive Vole Population

VoleX™, the non-toxic solution for eliminating voles, has been approved by the Oregon Department of Agriculture for agricultural use. Farmers in the Pacific Northwest face a catastrophic loss in crops, plants and fields due to the destructive, uncontrolled vole population.
In the past, rodenticides like zinc phosphide have been the primary means of controlling voles. There is a documented correlation between the use of zinc phosphide products & the widespread deaths of migratory geese and other wildlife. Like most other rodenticides, these products kill not only the intended rodent but other livestock and wildlife. As a company focused on safer, more eco-friendly solutions to common pest problems, EcoClear offers VoleX™ as a solution.
VoleX™ is a non-toxic, biodegradable, patented pellet designed to safely eliminate voles without posing risk to birds of prey, wildlife, or crops. VoleX™ contains water-resistant ingredients, preventing the pellets from easily washing away. It is both a highly effective and eco-friendly way to take care of this “vole pandemic.”
“We’re glad that one of our eco-friendly options is approved for agricultural use in Oregon. After hearing about the destruction of crops in the region and the lack of viable, safe solutions, we think VoleX™ has the potential to curb the devastation of crops and orchards. Better yet, VoleX™ can do this without the risk of secondary poisoning inherent in the use of many other rodenticide options,” says Christopher Stidd, President of EcoClear.
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