Orchestral.ai’s Intent-Based Intelligent Infrastructure Orchestration (iBiio) Platform at Interop Digital’s IT Automation Strategy 2021

Orchestral.ai, a pioneering provider of Autonomous Infrastructure solutions, announced today that it will showcase its Intent-Based Intelligent Infrastructure Orchestration (iBiio) Platform at Interop Digital’s IT Automation Strategy. The virtual event takes place on June 15, 2021, with a sharp focus on automation strategies IT leaders should be considering to increase their competitiveness, agility and long-term performance.
Orchestral.ai’s iBiio Platform, an AI-driven orchestration platform, provides performance and security SLA compliance at a reduced cost. Delivering behavioral anomaly detection, resource optimization, and auto-remediation to aid IT teams in their day-to-day operations. This platform is the sum of artificial intelligence, IT workflow orchestration and intelligent data acquisition enabling the “Autonomous Infrastructure.” The platform consists of three products, iBiioAI, iBiioD3E and iBiioST2 that collectively provide the building blocks for vendor-agnostic AI/ML capabilities, data discovery and cross-domain workflow automation respectively.
To be agile, create resilience and remain relevant in the future of their industries, IT leaders understand the need to employ digital transformation strategies. Enterprises across every industry are often limited in observability and provisioning, as they do not have the infrastructure intelligence at their fingertips to provide actionable remediation in a timely manner; the mix of hybrid and multi-cloud has only exacerbated the challenge. Orchestral.ai offers a vital solution with intelligent data-driven auto-remediation that helps enable a smooth journey towards digital transformation.
This year Interop Digital IT Automation Strategy will host over 20 speakers to discuss digital transformation and how to further automate their technologies and operations to become more competitive and agile, with the latest technical innovations. Please join Marshall Bartoszek, Chief Value Officer, for the “Fireside Chat” immediately following the Keynote address.
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