OptiShot Golf® Continues to Elevate Golf Tech, Announces Orbit and Ballflight Golf Simulator Options

OptiShot Golf today announced the expansion of their golf simulator technology with the new Ballflight®Launch Monitor and the addition of the Orbit® Golf Simulator Swing Pad to their existing lineup of technology offerings, allowing customers to further customize and personalize their at-home golf simulator bundles.
The Ballflight Launch Monitor is the most advanced of the OptiShot Golf simulator lineup, with precisely tuned, high-speed sensors and cameras giving accurate and instantaneous feedback on every shot. Data measurements include: 
Also released, the new Orbit® Golf Simulator, which does not replace the existing swing pad, OptiShot2, but further offers additional accuracy with measured club and ball data, including smash factor, face angle, launch direction and club path while calculating carry/total distance. The new Orbit® Golf Simulator boasts upgraded graphics on the new Orion® Software. With 48 infrared sensors compared to the OPTISHOT 2’s 32, golfers who are looking for more accurate stats will be able to opt for the Orbit® Golf Simulator swing pad when purchasing a simulator online at www.optishotgolf.com or with any of their retail and international partners. The new Orbit® swing pad retails for $899 and offers 23 golf courses. Orbit Golf Simulators will begin shipping in early 2023.
“It was a real breakthrough year for technology development for us,” said OptiShot Golf President, Kevin Johnston. “As we kick off the new year with the release of our new Orion® software, we are bringing our customer base an even greater immersive experience; couple that with the release of our new BallFlight®Launch Monitor, and soon to release Orbit® swing pad, OptiShot will have a full suite of incredible new technology offerings for golfers around the globe while elevating the simulator industry as a whole.” 
Customers can select their bundles to include mats, nets, projector options and different size enclosures. All bundles are available on the website at www.optishotgolf.com. 
OptiShot® Golf, home to the best-selling “Golf-in-a-Box” series, offers affordable and accurate state-of-the-art technology in its simulators. Equipped with a guarantee to improve each user’s game, the OptiShot simulator lineup allows for single player experiences up to a four-person scramble. Experience famed courses throughout the world from the comforts of home and no tee time required. Tee up against competitors around the world with its online gaming platform: OptiShot Season Pass™. Weekly live tournaments and closest-to-the-pin challenges offer golfers a chance to compete for real prizes and bragging rights.
Learn more about the full OptiShot Golf simulator lineup by visiting optishotgolf.com. Follow OptiShot Golf on Instagram (@OptiShotGolf), Twitter (@OptiShotGolf), and Facebook (/OptiShotGolf) to stay up-to-date with the latest offerings.
Source: OptiShot Golf