OptionX Introduces First Independent Currency Options App on the Bloomberg App Portal

OptionX, a Copenhagen-based fintech startup, has launched a currency hedging application on the Bloomberg App Portal. Corporate treasuries, banks, pension funds and hedge funds can now use this technology to run an overlay of multiple hedging strategies to provide the best possible solution to a currency risk. Bloomberg Terminal subscribers can access OptionX currency app at {APPS OPTIONX <GO>}.
The OptionX app enables users to access real-time, fully automated and rule-based currency hedging strategies. The application also allows users to utilize a benchmark engine, enabling clients to upload their own historical hedging data and benchmark the results against those of AI-based models. Furthermore, clients have the ability to customize their own set of risk parameters and rank-order the alternative strategies according to their own hedging policies.
Kristian Siggaard-Jensen, co-founder of OptionX and the model architect, said, “Significant market moves tend to unfold in sudden and sharp shifts, revealing hidden tail risks. OptionX provides a new method for clients in seeking protection from adverse currency moves. This application is the culmination of more than 15 years of trading and risk management in currencies. OptionX enables the user to conduct in-depth what-if analyses to find the most optimal hedging solution with a statistically reliable bias and within a framework of user-controlled risk parameters. We are delighted to offer OptionX to users via the Bloomberg App Portal.”
Mike King, head of Bloomberg’s App Portal business, said, “Bloomberg continues to collaborate with fintech companies globally who can bring innovative and distinct value to capital markets. We are proud to offer OptionX to Bloomberg Terminal users as a unique offering to analyze FX risk. Their app adds to our diverse capability set and will be very helpful to anyone with direct or indirect exposure to foreign currencies.”
The OptionX App is available on the Bloomberg App Portal to Bloomberg Terminal subscribers {APPS OPTIONX <GO>}. The Bloomberg App Portal gives Bloomberg Terminal subscribers access to a diverse library of financial tools provided both by Bloomberg and software developers from around the world. To learn more about using OptionX with the Bloomberg Terminal or for information about the Bloomberg App Portal community, please contact app_portal@bloomberg.net.
About OptionX 
OptionX is a Copenhagen, Denmark-based financial technology company, co-founded by Kristian Siggaard-Jensen and Tao Bindslev and focused on developing AI-centric risk management solutions. OptionX will enable clients to have a powerful tool at their disposal, allowing them to address FX risk in an efficient and optimal way. Implementation is effortless and provides time-saving benefits that result in efficiency gains.
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Source: OptionX