Optimized Senior Living Adopts Palarum’s Patient Safety Technology

Optimized Senior Living (OSL) continues to make investments in new technologies designed to improve client monitoring and care. For its latest investment, OSL has adopted Palarum’s electronic Patient Rounding application. The innovative, easy-to-use solution will help standardize, track, and automate documentation for each patient interaction.
“We can’t wait to have the new Palarum E-Rounding system in our homes to increase the quality of care we can provide and increase communication within the care team!” said CEO Lindsay McLaughlin.
“We are very excited to be partnering with Optimized Senior Living,” said Patrick Baker, CEO Palarum. “Our E-rounding application is specifically designed to help improve the quality and consistency of the hourly rounding visit by the nursing staff. Upon entering a patient’s room, nurses will start the e-rounding application which progresses through a series of questions documenting the patient’s health and comfort. The patient’s responses are automatically uploaded into their daily medical record. Research shows that healthcare facilities that consistently perform hourly patient rounding see a significant increase in patient satisfaction and safety.”
In addition to OSL, Palarum works with other leading healthcare facilities on a wide array of patient safety products, including Palarum’s PUP® Fall Prevention and Mobility Assessment applications.
About Palarum:
Founded in 2014 by the former Chief Nursing Officer of a large community hospital in Lebanon, Ohio, Palarum® has developed a revolutionary patient safety platform using e-textiles and IoT technologies. Palarum’s PUP® Smart Sock Fall Prevention application is designed for almost every healthcare environment, including acute care, rehabilitation, long-term care, and physical therapy. www.palarum.com.
About Optimized Senior Living:
We are a family-owned and operated business centered around faith, integrity, relationships, and personalized holistic focused senior care in our Lebanon community. We offer a unique setting and can provide high-quality care with a team of professionals who embrace each resident as part of the OSL family.

Optimized Senior Living: Lindsay McLaughlin, 513.252.3405
Palarum: Chris Baker, 617.513.7003 
Source: Palarum, LLC