OpenTeams Announces Support Service for Open Source Software

OpenTeams announced the availability of its new Open Source Software Support Service. The service is aimed at providing the same level of customer support that is provided with commercial software. OpenTeams leverages a growing network of open source software service providers to deliver the level of support required by Enterprise Class users.

Open source software has reached mainstream adoption among enterprises due to its widely recognized benefits. But many enterprises find that they do not have the internal know-how to deploy and maintain all the open source software they have adopted. With commercially licensed software, this knowledge gap is addressed by the company that sells the software with telephone support, training, installation, and other services. However, because open source software is freely distributed, the companies and volunteer communities that create and distribute the software do not have revenues to pay for those services.
“OpenTeam’s network of expert open source partners can provide all the services you would expect from an Enterprise Support contract,” said Travis Oliphant, CEO of OpenTeams. “Everything from quick answers and training to complex integrations and bug fixes. Our new support service is the ‘Help Button’ that is missing from most open source software.”
The good news for open source users is that there are consulting companies that offer support services for most of the popular open source libraries. But finding, vetting, and contracting with the right experts for each of the open source libraries a company uses can be time-consuming. OpenTeams’ new service offers enterprises a single subscription that will cover all the open source software they use.
“We have seen rapidly growing demand for our expertise in open source software for data science and analytics. But we cover just a portion of all the open source software that our clients use,” said Dharhas Pothina, Director of Consulting at Quansight. “By working with the other partners in OpenTeams’ network, we are a part of a comprehensive service that provides our clients with support for all their open source software.”
About Quansight
Quansight LLC is a data science and analytics consulting firm specializing in open source software. With deep expertise in python libraries for data science and machine learning, including long-standing participation in the open source communities that produce those libraries, Quansight is an ideal source of expert help with PyData open source software
About OpenTeams
OpenTeams is a market network of open source service providers. The network provides open source software users with the expert support they need to deploy and maintain their software. OpenTeams was co-founded by Travis Oliphant, founder of Anaconda. Oliphant has 20 years of experience in open-source communities, having created SciPy, NumPy, and Numba.

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Source: OpenTeams