OpenBots RPA Tool Suite Releases Version 1.7.0 of OpenBots Studio

Zero-bot licensing RPA platform OpenBots Inc., announces Studio v1.7.0 release.  
OpenBots (OB) aims to democratize robotic process automation to make RPA more accessible, enabling businesses to scale by combining zero-bot licensing with usage-based cloud orchestration and on-premise solutions.
Version 1.7.0 has new experience implementations like swapping between the default light theme and a new dark theme. All icons are re-designed to accommodate both themes.
The OpenBots development team is working continuously to update, upgrade, and enhance OB Studio and other enterprise-grade automation tools.
“Our team is always on the hunt for more useful features to add to Studio. Our goal at the end of the day is to add commands that provide value to developers,” said Cameron Herwig, OpenBots Product Development Lead.
Users can easily modify their code by splitting blocks into new tasks and copying and pasting them natively to the clipboard. Also, variables and arguments can be renamed throughout the script and changed while debugging.
Studio v.1.7.0  includes a new time-saving tool in the studio library where users can save snippets of code and reuse them between projects and access them in a centralized location.
Developers can add new scripts to the library manually or copy/paste from the project pane. Also, Studio has a new set of user interaction commands that allow developers to wait for specific that support Outlook and SharePoint.
Other Features Added:
“The OpenBots Platform not only enables developers and customers to build and scale enterprise automations but also allows managed services solution providers to build industry-led automation solutions and monetize them without worrying about the underlying per-bot license costs,” said Ashish Nangla, OpenBots CEO and CTO.
OB has a heavy release schedule with new product launches planned out for the rest of the year and into 2022. Users can expect the automation capabilities to expand every few weeks.
For more information on the OpenBots platform, request an automation consultation, or see our full release notes.
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Source: OpenBots