OpenBots Announces New Partner Solutions as Part of Its Ongoing Mission to Provide Efficient Automation Services

Fully Featured Intelligent Automation Platform OpenBots has officially announced three new partnerships, which are expected to help clients order, purchase, and carry out tasks more effectively through its automation services. 
The first company OpenBots has confirmed working with is NITCO Inc., which is renowned for accelerating automation with its Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Conversational AI, Chatbots, Intelligent Automation, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The company already services clients in various industries. Still, it will work with OpenBots on an exclusive automation service to allow Shipping Clerks to ship products, such as urgent PPE, promptly.   
Together, the companies have set out to change the game for Shipping Clerks – helping them to fill out U.S. Customs forms successfully, ship PPE products to the USA due to Covid when necessary, reduce U.S. Customs fines, and ensure hospitals receive the PPE swiftly and successfully. 
Chandra Yatagiri, CEO of NITCO, said, “We always want to provide great value and service to anyone working with NITCO, which is why this partnership with OpenBots is so important to us. This automation solution is for any logistics or shipping organization needing to comply with government reporting regulations for international shipments. This reduces the workload for shipping clerks, is more accurate and reduces compliance penalties for the company.”   
In addition, OpenBots has partnered with Tangent Solutions to allow utility service providers to bill customers efficiently. Carrying out a regular, monthly schedule via Tangent Solutions, a robot will access the website of utility service providers whenever a payment is due before utilizing an OCR tool to extract amounts from each invoice. The robot will then log onto an SAP system to input the relevant data and take payment, ensuring a smooth and straightforward process. 
“A digital workforce for me is about having an intelligent digital assistant to assist humans in removing the mundane, tedious tasks that hinder them from completing more strategic work that will add value back to business,” says Adrienne Kelly, CEO of Tangent Solutions.  
Finally, OpenBots will also launch new digital workers with Mozaiq to help consumers and mortgage lenders automatically operate loan applications. The fully automated process includes post-close audit, loan delivery process, loan auditing for corrections, and ensuring the data in the system of the record matches each loan document. 
“With more loans being consistently processed, human errors being reduced, loan throughput being increasingly higher, costs going down, automations like this sets up lenders to better absorb future increases in loan volumes,” says Francesco Paola, Chief Growth Officer at Mozaiq.  
“Ensuring business owners, companies, and clients can get on with everyday tasks effectively, without fail, is imperative to our mission,” says OpenBots CEO Ashish Nangla. 
Source: OpenBots