OpenBots Announces Acquisition of MyOfficeBot to Enhance Its Service Capabilities

OpenBots, Inc., the world’s leading, enterprise-grade open source RPA platform, today announced that it has acquired RPA-as-a-Service startup MyOfficeBot. The acquisition enhances OpenBots’ ability to provide its customers with a comprehensive suite of automation tools and managed service solutions, continuing the OpenBots mission to make automation accessible for all.
MyOfficeBot, built on a “fixed price, fixed timeline, fixed outcome” business model, has gained recognition in the RPA space for its ability to quickly discover, create, and implement processes and deliver clients a fully trained RPA automation “OfficeBot”. The strategic acquisition of the company opens new market opportunities for OpenBots and enables the RPA firm to further productize and scale its automation tool suite to continue improving an already robust open source platform.
Along with the acquisition, OpenBots has also announced that MyOfficebot QuickPacks will be available in spring 2021 for organizations looking to build their automation program on OpenBots’ software and/or convert their existing commercial license program to OpenBots’ license-free platform. QuickPacks are short automation service contracts designed to provide results in a fixed amount of time. This new service line combines the expertise of MyOfficeBot rapid-implementation with the license-free OpenBots RPA platform. QuickPacks will be the first offering in the market to provide professional services on an open source platform, allowing organizations to drastically cut costs and increase ROI while scaling their RPA programs.
Comments on the News:
“OpenBots is the only Enterprise-grade Open Source Robotic Process Automation platform that scales Enterprise RPA programs without ‘pay per bot’ licensing constraints. With the growth and popularity increase of OpenBots, we saw a clear need to strengthen our Professional services. MyOfficeBot fits well with the capability and culture we were looking for,” said Ashish Nangla, Co-Founder and CTO of OpenBots Inc. “MyOfficeBot gives us the muscle to implement scalable Intelligent RPA solutions for our high-end enterprise customers. We are now able to offer clients rapid RPA implementations without having to be tied down to rigid per-bot licensing models and expensive, lengthy implementations.”
“With the full power of OpenBots’ world-class open source automation platform behind us, we have a tremendous opportunity to realize our vision of democratizing and scaling the adoption of RPA,” said Ali Chaudhry, MyOfficeBot Co-Founder and CEO. “Together, OpenBots and MyOfficeBot will accelerate our customers’ transformations into the age of automation, enabling them to grow their RPA programs more profitably.
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OpenBots, the leading open source RPA platform, empowers companies to profitably scale their RPA programs. By reimagining RPA through the lens of the customer, OpenBots introduced the world to an enterprise-grade license-free RPA platform, which drives substantial value back to the organization in the form of ROI positive automations and cost savings. OpenBots also offers a broad range of premium cloud-based SAAS solutions, encompassing the entire lifecycle of automation from process-mining to document processing. 
Ashish Nangla, Co-Founder and CTO,; General Inquiries and Sales, 
Source: OpenBots Inc.