Opeeka Debuts the Nation’s First Software Designed to Help Child Welfare and Foster Agencies Meet New Federal Requirements

Today, Opeeka announced the release of its Person-Centered Intelligence Solution (P-CIS), an assessment and care planning software for social, behavioral and mental health care. P-CIS supports person-centered care by helping youth and families in care easily communicate their story, circumstances, and progress. The cloud-based assessment software puts people at the center of their story and helps providers better serve people in care. Because P-CIS learns what works for whom and provides continuous monitoring and evaluation of care at the person and population level, it helps meet many of the requirements recently mandated in the Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA).
The FFPSA is a momentous federally supported opportunity that enables more support and services to maintain children and youth in a suitable home setting, either with foster families or with their natural caregivers and families. The FFPSA requires a written prevention plan for children with trauma-informed services and programs. It calls for ongoing evaluation and monitoring of care for every child/youth and for populations of children/youth.
P-CIS augments the use of questionnaires to identify areas of underlying need and contextualized traumatic experiences to allow child welfare and foster care agencies to understand each family’s circumstances authentically. It supports nearly any assessment used in the human services practice, including screening tools, diagnostic tools, level of care assessments, checklists, functional assessments, decision support tools, fidelity questions, and satisfaction surveys. P-CIS transforms questionnaire and assessment data into Story Maps that illuminate culturally contextualized circumstances related to a child/youth and family’s story. P-CIS automatically converts the information into Family Reports, which act as written care plans that list the areas of focus as well as the latest progress in family-friendly formats.
“We believe that P-CIS could make a significantly positive impact on children/youth and families,” said Dr. Kate Cordell, Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of Opeeka. “Our person-centric approach is able to track progress toward safety and well-being over time while honoring cultural preferences, voice, and choice. Through the FFPSA, it is important to offer the care options which will most likely promote the child/youth’s well-being while incorporating preferences. By putting people at the center of their own care, everyone benefits.”
P-CIS allows children/youth and families to assess and monitor their own needs, strengths and progress. This results in reliable, valid, and consistently administered outcome measures. P-CIS organizes information into areas of needs and strengths and tracks outcomes over time using proprietary Story Markers and Recovery Tracking (SMART) models. It eases the collection of fidelity and outcome measures and funnels them into real-time monitoring and evaluation dashboards powered by learning models. P-CIS can link and merge data from other electronic records, unifying data across a system of care. By doing this in real time, systems can be nimble and care plans can be adjusted when insights indicate better options would have more probability of success for a child/youth or family’s unique circumstances. Systems can learn exactly and in what circumstances each type of practice and services results in improved child/youth well-being, diversion from foster care and cost savings.
Richard Knecht, an Opeeka Advisor, said, “While the nation’s Child Welfare and Foster Care services agencies have made progress in recent years in many ways, P-CIS does what no social worker or therapist can do alone in terms of identifying the connection of trauma and past experience to current behavioral need. To say nothing of the tool’s capacity to inform the organization’s quality management and training systems. It’s the most revolutionary case planning support tool and outcomes tracker the field has ever seen.”
For more information about P-CIS or to schedule a demonstration, visit https://www.opeeka.com/ffpsa/.
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Source: Opeeka