Onyx Teams Up With 4D FüN for Their Volumetric Performance Debut

4D FüN, Inc. is proud to announce the release of Onyx, performing their platinum single “Slam,” as the first-ever, full-length, 4D volumetric musical performance. Nestled in Culver City, California, 4D FüN has utilized its state-of-the-art volumetric capture system to further immortalize the ’90s crowd favorite with the intention of selling it as an NFT, or non-fungible token, which is a unique digital asset.
4D FüN is a disruptive technology company, rooted in Artificial Intelligence and specializing in immersive volumetric technologies, NFTs, spatial computing, VR, AR, XR experiences, and gaming. 4D FüN currently resides at the forefront of virtual 4D performance production by utilizing rare and cutting-edge camera technology which yields more vivid results, along with drastically reduced production time and cost. 
4D FüN “Legacy Assets,” such as the Onyx performance, are created by artists and preserved in the company’s secure data vaults. 4D FüN then strives to connect the artists directly with buyers, nixing the presumption that NFT value lies somewhere in the ether. By leveraging blockchain and decentralized platforms, 4D FüN creates opportunities for development and deployment of these assets into persistent virtual worlds and spatial computing.
Paul Vowell, former musician and CEO/co-founder of 4D FüN Inc., has opened the studio to artists of all walks and genres, aiming to integrate the average consumer into this niche market. 4D FüN’s core belief is that artists own what they create. This venture, in collaboration with Onyx, marks a new era of monetizing and distributing content for performing artists.
Vowell sums up the company’s mission statement in so many words. “When we discuss the revisualization of music, we must as well examine the monetization methods behind the industry. Volumetrically captured performances have the ability to change perspectives in fun and unique ways but, when integrated with NFT exchanges, we find ourselves in a pivotal moment in artistic expression with limitless possibilities.”
So, in short, the same guys who brought slam dancing to hip hop back in the ’90s just became pioneers of cutting-edge technology and music distribution. Go figure.
Visit 4D Fun, Inc.: https://4dfun.io
Check out the Onyx “Slam” NFT: https://opensea.io/assets/0x61365ee946b87c015fcefa58dfebef70c5f45c70/0/
Source: www.4dfun.io