Only on April 1st, the Robotic Bartender Will Be Serving an Innovative Vaccine-Cocktail

2020 has been a tough year for everyone, but now in 2021, the world is finally starting to see the light, as vaccines have begun rolling in, proving to be highly effective in reducing the spread of the pandemic.
The team behind, the robotic interactive bartender, came up with a new campaign to promote both their product and the importance of getting vaccinated. To increase the awareness of the vaccine, the campaign features Cecilia as a bartender that serves them – in a glass cocktail.
In the video, mixes the most popular vaccines – tested, tasted, and approved by the “FDA (Funky Drinks Association)”: Pfizerol Spritz, Modertini, Johnson & Tonic, and even the Sputñikolada. The robot is capable of “vaccinating” 120 people per hour, working 24/7, and using contactless technology to reduce the risks of getting infected. 
To make sense of the concept, the company introduced their “Chief Biomixologist”, Dr. Amy Thomas, who explained: “Cecilia was programmed to guide patients through the available vaccines, inform about the process and side effects, and most importantly – help choose their ideal vaccine-cocktail that fits the patient’s weight, height, and gender.”
Especially for April Fools,’s team hopes the new “innovation” will encourage more people to get their shot, or at the very least help put a smile on their face through these difficult times.
About, a new startup from GKI Group, is the world’s first interactive bartender, customized for every business and event. Powered by conversational AI and voice recognition abilities, Cecilia is not your typical bartender. She makes delicious cocktails crafted by acclaimed mixologists, chats with customers, tells jokes, promotes your brand, and provides an unforgettable experience to new and returning visitors. Cecilia grants businesses valuable customer data, a unique groundbreaking attraction for visitors, and a new way to advertise and stand out. 
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