Online Tech Retailer PCByte Reveals How to Choose the Right Motherboard

For users looking to build or buy a pre-built gaming PC that might be expanded or upgraded later, there is one component that will provide a solid foundation to the set up – that is the motherboard. According to the leading gaming PC Australia retailer, PCByte, the motherboard is crucial as it will determine the other components a user can choose.
PCByte explains that a motherboard is a printed circuit board (PCB) that serves as the backbone of a PC set up, allowing the other components to communicate. After picking a CPU, a complementary motherboard is the next component that needs to be selected. When determining which motherboard is best, it’s important to choose one that will not only support the user’s needs now but will also support future needs. 
First off, it is vital to select a motherboard with the right chipset and socket for the CPU. PCByte says different chipsets provide support for different combinations of components and in general, the larger the motherboard’s physical size, the more components it can support. 
Motherboards are more about features than performance. PCByte says some questions users need to answer to determine the most suitable motherboard include whether high-performance RAM support is needed and how many USB ports are required. 
According to PCByte, some manufacturers provide motherboards aimed at gamers with plenty of space for additional GPUs, while others focus on more mainstream systems. The most fully featured motherboards come with a price tag to match but are generally only required for the best gaming PC builds. 
One of the best overall motherboards for both AMD and Intel systems is the ASUS TUF Gaming H570-PRO WIFI. PCByte states that this motherboard gives users everything they need, including excellent storage, RAM, PCIe, video and USB connectivity. 
Ultimately, the most important thing to decide is what PC size to build or buy, and how many components to configure now and in the future. Users will be able to narrow down the search and pick the motherboard form factor that strikes the right balance of features, ports and platform support within these boundaries. 
For those who don’t wish to build a PC, there are plenty of pre-build gaming PC and gaming laptops options available. PCByte can help users select the best gaming PC or gaming laptop Australia wide for their needs. In addition to selling PC components and everyday tech gadgets like the Xiaomi robot vacuum, PCByte also offers consultation and services for those seeking help with their builds. 
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