Online or Walk-in – is Switching to an Online Pharmacy a Sensible Idea?

The Global COVID pandemic has sped up the widespread adoption and eagerness for e-commerce and online shopping for a greater number of products and services has become available at the click of a button. Shipping and freight companies have been the first to speak of the major upsurge in home delivery of products purchased online, and that is especially true for USPS and Canada Post. This is especially true as people have found new ways to order and receive medication online through companies such as Canada Drugs Direct.
Increasingly, more people are buying what they need from the comfort of their home through mobile devices, and Canada is one of two countries neighbouring the USA where US-written prescriptions can be filled by international pharmacies.
The prices for prescription medication from Canada are lower because Canada – unlike the USA – has federal measures in place to regulate the prices manufacturers are allowed to attach to the Rx medication that are produced. Some drugs are still expensive, but they are still significantly less in comparison to what Americans will pay for the same medication. Being able to buy their prescription meds for less will be the primary appeal for US residents looking into this alternative. 
The USD to CAD dollar conversion advantage will add to this appeal for saving on prescription meds. Alternately the primary concern these same people might have about ordering medication online from Canada is whether medication is sourced and dispensed with the same protocols for safety and purity as in the USA. There may also be doubts on whether the medication have the same quality and formulation that there would be when filling a prescription at a local pharmacy. 
These fears should be put aside. Health Canada serves the same strict regulatory functions that the US Food & Drug Administration does regarding quality, safety, and purity of Rx meds dispensed. The medications dispensed from international pharmacies are the indeed the same in chemical structure and usually cost less. Add free or discounted shipping options to anywhere in the continental USA and choosing an online pharmacy in Canada can indeed be a sensible idea for Americans. 
Use the CIPA Pharmacy Checker to determine whether a Canadian online pharmacy is accredited by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association and make sure you’re going with a reputable online pharmacy. 
About the Company 
Canada Drugs Direct is a Canadian online pharmacy that is among those recommended for Americans that wish to shop at a pharmacy in Canada to save money on medications. The online pharmacy is able to source medications in a way that allows for the best prices on prescription drugs from Canada. All orders require a prescription and are dispensed by a licensed pharmacist, in the same way as any pharmacy in America.
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