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Looking for a job has never been easier. With the convenience of the computer and the internet, you can easily do a job search online. This permits a much broader range of searching options for jobs, as well as more information on what is out there. Instead of picking up a newspaper at the stand every week, you can get online and look through the hundreds of jobs posted on a regional job board. They will typically update it at least several times a week, if not every day, providing a large edge over their competition.
Finding an online job board can be difficult to many, so I have covered some of the top options by region below. While this is by no means a complete listing, these are regional boards that usually have an extensive job listing base.
Jobs in Birmingham:
One of the regional job boards for Birmingham is They rely on a search engine set up, but that enables you to set your criteria so that you will have narrowed down the options to something closer to what you truly are looking for.
For a more categorized site check out They have a very easy site to use that is streamlined, categorized, and is kept up to date. The benefit of categorizing is that you can instantly search for jobs that fall under your desired profession, saving a great deal of time and energy.
Jobs in West Midlands:
While there are many jobs available in West Midlands, finding a job board that is specifically for that region is a bit more difficult. The job board at lists hundreds of jobs, but you need to be prepared to spend a bit more time in the navigation of their site, as you will need to perform multiple searches.
The job board is a more streamlined job site that still relies on the search engine, but has a clearer set up, and ease of use.
Jobs in Gloucester:
The job board at is probably one of the most categorized sites out available. With over forty-seven job categories, it makes a job search much easier that you would normally expect.
At the job bank they list jobs according to the main category, and then have many sub categories. While at first it seems more complicated, it streamlines the process, and keeps you from being overwhelmed at the thousands of listings.
Jobs in Wolverhampton:
Check out and search the region. They list jobs by category, so whether you are a teacher, engineer, in marketing or something else, it simplifies the search for you.
Another great job board is They are set up specifically for Wolverhampton, and allow you to search by job, and or a specific part of the region. The site is easily navigational, and keeps the job listings updated.
Jobs in Shrewsbury:
Finding a regional job board in Shrewsbury is much more difficult. While there are many general job listing sites, your best bet for a regional job bank is the listing site at They keep things updated enabling you to be sure that what you are looking at are jobs that are still available.
Jobs in Tamworth:
The job board at has a great setup. With an ease of use and great navigation, this site does a great job of making your job search easy. They update their site often, and also include a search engine in case you prefer that method of searching their site.
Over all you have many options for looking for just the right job. Regional boards are the best option as people in that particular region typically run them; ensuring it to be more relevant to what the area will be like. Another benefit is that because they are regional, companies are more likely to actually post their open job positions on the online site. They also are kept cleared of filled positions, ensuring you the greater possibility of finding a company that will hire you.
While online job boards are great for keeping information at your fingertips, there are some down sides to them. The thing to keep in mind when researching a job online is that you need to apply for the job as soon as you find it. Since it is posted on the web, it reaches a wider range of people, so the sooner you apply, the more likely you are to actually be considered for the position.
Many people are turning more to the internet to find jobs, and as a result employers are enjoying the possibility of posting their jobs on the web. It cuts down on the expense for a company to advertise in paper, as well is bringing more attention to the company. The benefits of online job boards are nearly endless, but if you aren’t used to using them it may take a bit more time for you to learn the differences in set up. Once you have taken the time to figure out how they work, take advantage of this incredible and ever growing job market. While you may miss a job opportunity when you are relying on a newspaper because of the companies listing the job in a different paper, you won’t run into that online. Quite often the same jobs are posted on multiple job boards, ensuring the highest visibility possible.
Instead of waiting for every thing to go online, and running the risk of missing the very job that you have been searching for years, take the time to check out the online jobs. It’s a great market, and a good time to be looking for jobs. More than that, it will be a hint to the company that you a technology savvy, encouraging them to hire you long term. So check it out. Use the incredibly helpful technology that has been developed to help you find that job.

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