Online Financial Advisor Blooom Takes the ‘F-Words’ Out of Retirement

Blooom, an SEC registered investment advisor, is turning heads with a new avant-garde ad campaign. The company made a splash into the fin-tech world in 2014 with its online tool that helps people professionally manage their 401k online. This month, blooom launched an advertising campaign asking people to pay attention to their previously ignored retirement investments by taking the F-words (financial words) out of the conversation.
“We know talking about retirement can be boring and uncomfortable,” Chris Costello, co-founder and CEO of blooom said. “But, imagine how boring and uncomfortable your retirement will be if you don’t start paying attention today. Our tool gives people a simple way to start that conversation.” 
According to a study1 done by Capital Group and American Funds, people are more comfortable talking with friends about marital discord, mental health, addiction, race, sex, and politics than money. 
The campaign dawns headlines such as “Your ***K needs a check-up” and “Looks like your ***K needs some attention.” Further reading clarifies that the censored word is “401k.” The visual stunt is causing people to pay attention and some advertisers to hesitate running the new creative. 
Guerrilla marketing and in-your-face billboards are drawing people to the company’s site, where visitors are given the option to censor financial words from the homepage.

Blooom’s website home page, censored to remove financial words. 
Blooom is an online robo-advisor, backed by humans. The company’s mission is to make professional financial advice available, simple and affordable to everyone. Blooom created a tool to help people understand, invest in and manage their 401k (or other company-sponsored account) regardless of account size or institution. Blooom has since expanded its platform to allow linking of brokerage accounts and management of IRAs as well. 
The company has grown to more than $5 billion in assets under management.
Blooom is a digital financial management service bringing affordable retirement advice to the masses. The retirement dashboard is complimentary. Connect your IRA, 401k, 403b, 401a, 457, TSP or brokerage today for free insights into your investments. 
Source: blooom