Online bhajan was presented by Shri Gauranga Das Prabhu Ji of the ISKCON temple.

World-renowned Shri Gaurang Das Prabhu Ji of Mumbai ISKCON Temple, along with his team, presented an online devotional song. The blissful evening prayers were organized for the residents of RW&CS Sector 26. The residents of Noida Sector 26 participated in this convening through online medium. This devotional program was conducted from 3:30 to 6:45 p.m. This entire event was organized to commemorate Janmashtami.

During this Corona period, people are finding innovative ways to keep themselves engaged and enjoy devotion while staying at home. Internet and digital platform have become their new allies.

On this occasion, Cultural Head of RW&CS, Ms. Savita Saxena, appreciated the cooperation of all and appealed to the people to be safe at home, and thanked them for making this a successful event. She humbly requested the residents to participate in a similar kind of event organized in the future.