OnePiece Labs and HARVARD ALUMNI ENTREPRENEURS Announce a Web3 Thought Leadership Series

OnePiece Labs, the leading incubator for web3 startups, on Feb. 1, 2023, announced a partnership on a Web3 thought leadership series with HARVARD ALUMNI ENTREPRENEURS. OnePiece Labs is a trading name of Upblocks LLC.
The Web3 Revolution, a thought leadership series brought to you by OnePiece Labs and HARVARD ALUMNI ENTREPRENEURS, gathers experts in Web3 technology to share their predictions on its potential to revolutionize, if not disrupt, lives. 
The series, hosted by partners KJ Jia and Murray Newlands, is in collaboration with Yintai Investment Company LLC.
Web3 is a young and evolving ecosystem, and the world is embracing it at a record pace:
This series is intended for all those interested in Web3, from the curious to the experienced.” 
OnePiece Lab Partner KJ Jia said, “Through this partnership, OnePiece Lab has been able to bring its deep industry knowledge and network to the HARVARD ALUMNI ENTREPRENEURS. As a Silicon Valley investor with a Web3 focus, we observe innovative technology and visionary founders every day, offering unparalleled insight into the future of the field that we can share. We have a comprehensive perspective, having written the first check for many startups that have become unicorns.” 
OnePiece Lab Partner Murray Newlands said, “Silicon Valley leads the world in tech innovation. Its first rise to prominence began in the 1970s, driven by its association with the silicon transistor, essential to modern microprocessors. Web3 and AI are two of the most thrilling advancements in recent years. The spirit of web3 is about democratizing and decentralizing information, and we are delighted to share our perspectives with HARVARD ALUMNI ENTREPRENEURS.” 
Featured Speakers:
Sandy Carter, MPA ’16, SVP & Channel Chief, UnstoppableTheme: Decentralized
Marja Konttinen, Marketing Director, DecentralandTheme: Metaverse
Sherice Torres, AB ’95, Chief Marketing Officer, CircleTheme: DeFi
Chia Jeng Yang, HBS ’23, Investor, PanteraTheme: Investment
Brandon Hoffman, MPA ’16, Managing Partner, Sunset VenturesTheme: Investment
Jeff Ren, LL.M ’99, CEO, OKLinkTheme: Exchange
Alan Chiu, Co-Founder, Boba NetworkTheme: Layer 2
Staci Warden, MPP ’96, CEO, Algorand FoundationTheme: Public Chain
Chia Jeng Yang, Investor at Pantera Capital, said, “As part of the HBS Blockchain Club, I am always excited by the large number of HBS and Harvard alumni that are continuing to break new ground in the blockchain and crypto space.
“These events are a great opportunity to share more knowledge about the blockchain and crypto industry in and outside the Harvard community and beyond. Learning from industry insiders about market trends, business models, and actors in the space is a great way for mainstream builders to get into the blockchain and crypto space.”
Brandon Hoffman, Managing Partner at Sunset Ventures, said, “I am excited to speak in this series as a part of my continued efforts of bringing web3 into the Harvard community of students and alumni, investors and founders. These events will help people better understand this next era of the internet and can start finding others who share the same passion and curiosity. I expect for the audience to learn about the groundbreaking innovation that is occurring and hear about some of the broader opportunity ahead. I also believe they will learn that web3 is more than simply speculative investments into volatile cryptocurrencies. I predict regulatory decisions will start to be made and provide greater clarity of what can and cannot be done with the blockchain and digital assets. This will be a net positive for the market sentiment and for the builders who will have guidance.” 
About OnePiece Labs:
·   OnePiece Labs ( is the premier incubator that supports Web3 startups through a program that includes networking, mentorship, and access to resources. Our focus is on results-driven outcomes and the success of our portfolio companies. OnePiece Labs was founded by experienced Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and community leaders with the goal of building the next generation of Web3 unicorns.
·   OnePiece Ventures is an early-stage crypto fund focused on investing in the best founders in North America. We write the first check and have a dedicated team and resources to make them successful.
Source: Upblocks LLC