oneKIN Live, the Livestream App for Shopping Local, Debuts a Nationwide Holiday Series With BIPOC Merchants

oneKIN, a mission-driven technology company powering the future of retail for small businesses, announces the nationwide launch of its livestream app for shopping local brands, oneKIN LiveTM.
The new app, which has recently featured indie brands, best-selling authors and acclaimed artists to interact with shoppers in real time, launched on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, a shopping holiday introduced by American Express in 2010. The platform is providing an ongoing series of curated livestream events to empower customers to shop small and local nationwide – a behavior adopted by U.S. shoppers with 84% saying they plan to shop small during the holidays, according to a new study by ActiveCampaign. 
Marvin François, oneKIN Co-founder and CEO, said: “Customers are looking for less transactional and more meaningful encounters with brands, increasingly preferring to shop their values rather than shop for value. However, traditional e-commerce falls flat, reinforcing cold and disconnected merchant-consumer relationships; and it’s actually costing small businesses $1 billion+ each year. With oneKIN live, we’re re-humanizing the shopping experience and zeroing the gap between customers and small businesses.” 
Featuring real-time livestream, chat, and native shopping, users are invited to connect with local brands and creatives hailing from Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, St. Louis, Tusla, the Tri-State Area, the Greater Washington D.C. area and other cities across the country. 
Local and small businesses today face a cluttered digital landscape, where they are often eclipsed by big retail and celebrity brands. Through its livestream shopping app, oneKIN aims to help small businesses break through the clutter and participate in the booming livestream market projected to reach $25 billion in the U.S. by 2023, according to Coresight Research, a global advisory and research firm. 
Jennifer Gomez, oneKIN Cofounder and CMO, said: “We’re giving small businesses their voice back. Beyond delivering a unique and convenient shopping experience, we’ve built a community platform that facilitates authentic storytelling, transparency and real connection between makers and likeminded shoppers. The goal is to normalize, simplify and make conscious shopping accessible to the everyday consumer, year-round.”
While the app intentionally prioritizes local brands from traditionally underinvested communities for its Holiday programming, it will be accessible to the wider small business ecosystem early next year.
Download the oneKIN LiveTM today on your iOS or Android devices.  
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Source: oneKIN