One Up Innovations Launches Panelist, a Modular, Customizable Wall Panel Collection

One Up Innovations, Inc., a manufacturer of consumer lifestyle brands, unveiled its new Panelist™ collection, a line of upholstered panels for use in creating configurable headboards or wall features for contemporary home interiors. Offered in 30-inch and 38-inch lengths, additional panels can be added over time, allowing homeowners to change their configuration’s style as their needs and tastes grow and evolve.  
Panelist is highly customizable in nature—consumers can align the panels horizontally or vertically, build their designs as tall and wide as they please, or opt for a more minimalist approach by using only one set. The panels are available in 12 fabric-covered hues for numerous color combination possibilities. 
On the design potential of the many hue offerings, Lead Product Designer Jason Bush says, “Consumers can mix and match colors however they please, with even monochrome sets allowing for creative variations. The luxurious, stain-resistant microvelvet is dimensional and directional, so homeowners can alternate panel directions for a striped or checkered effect or have them run in the same direction, allowing the tone to shift gracefully as you walk around the room.”
Panelist sets are sold in packs of four with prices ranging from $179-$199 depending on desired panel length. Installation is straightforward and simple, allowing DIYers of all skill levels to set up their configurations within as little as 15 minutes. The product’s “put on and pull off” system aids not only in ease of assembly but in effortless adjustments, too. Consumers can rearrange and add to their configuration as much and as often as they desire without the headache of a complex process.    
“The product’s adaptability paired with its ease of installation makes Panelist a game-changer for interior design,” says Bush. “From contemporary children’s rooms to statement-making feature walls, there’s no limit to how Panelist can be utilized in the home.”
To emphasize the limitless design possibilities of Panelist, the creative team behind the product launch constructed a lookbook that showcases the beauty of Panelist in action. The artistic collection of preconfigured headboard designs features 10 distinct configurations, each inspired by remarkable cities across the globe. 
Find out more about Panelist and view preconfigured headboard design options here.
Download Panelist assets here.
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