OmegaStrap® Launches the World’s First Ergonomic Ratchet Strap

Today, Brad Willodson, age 59, and Sarah Scott, age 58, of Mankato, Minnesota, are launching the OmegaStrap, the world’s first ergonomic ratchet strap. 
As a residential contractor for over 20 years, Willodson uses ratchet straps daily in both his professional and personal life. Willodson and Scott spend their weekends using outdoor adventure gear, power sports equipment, and kayaks. Utilizing their years of experience, they invented a product to help make the transportation of adventure enthusiasts’ gear and general cargo easy and trouble-free.
“There are millions of ratchet straps sold in the United States each year,” said Willodson. “While developing the OmegaStrap, we discovered that for a product selling at that volume, there was a lack of any meaningful innovation happening to make the ratchet straps more user-friendly. We encountered gimmicks and proposed solutions that simply fell short when put to actual use.”
To solve the three most common complaints about ratchet straps, the couple came up with three intuitive solutions: the Control Knob, the Flex-Hook, and the Elastic Loop. The couple has been awarded two patents for their redesign of the common ratchet strap; one for their control knob, and another for their flexible hook end.
The Patented Control Knob
The Patented Flex-Hook
The Elastic Loop
OmegaStrap is available for purchase at and Amazon.
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About OmegaStrap: 
Founded in 2020, OmegaStrap designs and manufactures patented products with a mission to bring simple to use innovations to the tie down and cargo accessory markets. The small-town midwestern company was founded on over 30 years of industry experience by a handful of friends looking to solve common problems of products they use everyday. 
Contact Info for OmegaStrap LLC 
Brad Willodson
Inventor & Co-founder
Cell: (507) 381-4469 
Joe Benike
Head of Marketing
Cell: (612) 968-7094
Source: OmegaStrap LLC