Okonko Basil Nwachukwu, Ph.D.’s Book ‘Beating the Odds With Emotional Intelligence’ Tackles the Importance of Well-Being for Law Officers to Achieve Excellence in Duty

Okonko Basil Nwachukwu, Ph.D., a law enforcement intern in the Huntsville, Alabama, police academy/law enforcement department from 1984 to 1985, has completed his new book “Beating the Odds with Emotional Intelligence”: an in-depth book that delves into the need for police officers to regulate their emotional and psychological wellness to cope with the pressures of their work and better serve their fellow citizens.
Okonko writes, “This book is written to improve the lives of police officers, especially those who doubt or are unaware of the negative impact of emotions on physical and mental health and the sometimes dire consequences of stress on job performance. The book’s focus is to encourage officers to acknowledge emotions as a major contributor to their success in law enforcement. The author identifies emotional intelligence as a powerful concept proven by psychologists and other experts to help law enforcement personnel cope with, control, and manage their emotions both on and off the job, providing detailed information specifically targeted toward this population. The more officers understand that mastery over emotions is essential to their job success, the more effort they will expend to achieve this mastery and practice it when executing their job functions. In this way, the negative consequences of emotions for officers can be minimized or completely avoided.”
Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Okonko Basil Nwachukwu, Ph.D.’s sagacious account desires to teach law enforcement officers to achieve control and stability over their emotions and mental acuity in the face of overwhelming tasks that require fairness and clarity.
Readers who wish to experience this potent and thought-provoking work can purchase “Beating the Odds with Emotional Intelligence” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.
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