Office fashion to showcase values! – Launch of ‘Accountable’ collection from ‘Effy By Design’

Dusting off traditional business fashion and office clothing, Effy By Design designed the “Accountable” collection to offer comfortable, practical, modern and feminine clothing to working women, from interns to senior executives.

The collection showcases three core values:
– Transparency, with dresses and blouses playing on fabric density;
– Reliability, with business costumes inspired by heavy duty overalls and jumpsuits;
– Duty, with flexible outfits to keep a fresh look throughout long business hours.

Custom made pre-orders will be available worldwide on Effy By Design’s online shop, and for subscribers, with a 10% discount on October 20th. Official launch will hit Effy By Design’s retail partners on November 15th.

“Now I don’t waste time deciding what to wear to the office every morning, and just grab one of Effy’s. I just love the ‘Expert Overall’. It’s practical, comfortable, and makes me feel more powerful when facing problems, and more convincing with my team.”
– Liang E., Finance Controller, Consulting Multinational –

About Effy By Design:
Effy By Design is the fashion house of Effy Creations, with the same mission: Explore ideas, to force reflection. The atelier was created in Shanghai by fashion designer Effy H. Effy By Design focuses on flexible clothing for women and slow fashion, with daring and elegant clothes hand made to last. Previous collection includes ‘Mauving On…’ or ‘Industrial Latex!’. Creations are available worldwide through distribution network, or on Effy By Design online shop at

‘Accountable’ collection showroom available on Effy By Design website.