OFFENDED SHADOWS by Howard Jackson is published by Red Rattle Books

ISBN #978-1909086296

OFFENDED SHADOWS by Howard Jackson is published by Red Rattle Books
Imagined reminiscences from film noir characters create a unique and original movie history

About the Book:

‘Offended Shadows’ remembers 40 movies that do not deserve to be forgotten. In each chapter a minor character from a film noir movie describes another character, usually but not always the hero or villain.

‘Offended Shadows’ also adds imaginary scenarios and histories that complement and extend the Hollywood film noir imagination. In ‘Offended Shadows’ characters from one movie will appear in other film noirs. More narrative spice is added to the fun by the presence of the Black Dahlia and the mysterious identity of her killer. And just what is supposed to be happening in Bridgeport, California?

About the Author:
Howard Jackson was born on Merseyside and has spent most of his life in Liverpool. He has had eleven other books published by Red Rattle Books.

These are Treat Me Nice, Innocent Mosquitoes, No Money Honey, Nightmares Ahead, Choke Bay, Horror Pickers, Mean And Dark, Nightmares And Lying Rogues, Light Work, No Tall Heels To Tango and Go Break Bad.

Excerpt from the book:
‘I know the dirt about Noah Cross. Nothing ever appeared in the papers because the guys at LA Times were working with him to make the big deals. What he did to his daughter and granddaughter was no secret. Everyone knew or at least all the people who knew Noah Cross. It didn’t bother him none that everyone knew, and it mustn’t have bothered his fancy friends, the people that ran LA, because they all went to the big parties. Cross didn’t just keep it in the family. There was a guy called Mark Marinus Hansen here in LA. This Hansen guy had a mansion up on Carlos Avenue and he threw these exclusive affairs where the women were almost as expensive as the food and champagne. Hansen knew a lot of young girls, and there they were, waiting to be picked. Elizabeth Short stayed in the home of Hansen for a while, not long before she was killed and became known as the Black Dahlia. I said to Jake why don’t we poke around and try and nail this twisted heap. But by then Jake Gittes had got all wrapped up in the business with Jake Berman and Earl Rawley. All that was about land as well. It always is in Los Angeles, I reckon. That piece of land had been owned by Evelyn Mulwray, the lady shot through the head in Chinatown in ‘37. The dispute between Berman and Rawley over the land Evelyn left was how Jake met granddaughter Kathleen Mulwray again. I asked Jake how Kathleen was doing, seeing as she’d seen her mother killed and no one would want Noah Cross as a grandfather.

Is she doing okay? I said.

Kind of, said Jake.’

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