OCIUS-X and Bonfire Engineering & Construction Announce Partnership

OCIUS-X, an industry-leading provider of FTTx project management software headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and Bonfire Engineering and Construction, a turnkey engineering, construction and technology service provider, have formed a partnership. Based in Denver, Colorado, Bonfire helps service providers, utilities and municipalities deploy broadband infrastructure.
“We’re proud to partner with OCIUS-X and implement their unique software platform across our broadband construction projects,” says Brian Hollister, CEO and co-founder of Bonfire Engineering and Construction. “As part of our Proven Process, collaboration is fundamental to our consultative approach to work. Our teams are focused on transparency and providing all stakeholders full visibility into project progress which OCIUS-X will help us efficiently deliver.”
“We are excited to partner with the experienced and accomplished team at Bonfire to bring broadband to the traditionally underserved. OCIUS-X and Bonfire share the same vision to leverage experience, expertise, technology, and passion to deliver broadband networks faster to connect communities across the country,” says Pär Cedergren, OCIUS-X.
The OCIUS-X software platform enables efficient management of FTTx projects with complete control of the construction process and real-time visibility for all stakeholders. With OCIUS-X project management software, fiber optic and wireless network deployment is accelerated with less administration, more accountability and a better outcome. OCIUS-X provides one single, shared source of truth for constructors, sub-contractors and network owners. Here’s a look at some video footage that shows the partnership program in action.
Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, OCIUS-X was built from the ground up, in the field, to solve real construction process and tracking inefficiencies. OCIUS-X is a leading project management software provider for Fiber Network Deployment projects. Together with our partners, OCIUS-X helps efficiently deliver broadband solutions and connect communities throughout the world with active projects on four continents. OCIUS-X is the “single, shared source of truth.”
About Bonfire Engineering and Construction
Bonfire is not just a company, it is purpose, it is experience, it is the spark that was lit by passionate engineers, entrepreneurs and PhDs that helped design the very standards for Fiber network deployments. It is a value-driven, beer-drinking, fiber-laying team that works tirelessly to enable broadband to the communities and businesses that need it. We partner with service providers, communities and governments to provide education, collaboration and insight in how to develop broadband networks that last, delivering turn-key network solutions through superior planning, engineering and construction services. We anticipate the unexpected, we plan for the future, we seek out opportunities to improve broadband access, operations and performance, not just for today’s work, but for tomorrow’s world and beyond. Is your community ready to light the fire and bring Fiber to your neighborhood? Let us bring the spark. Learn more at bonfire-ec.com.
Source: Bonfire Engineering & Construction