Ocean Wind International to Meet with Malaysian Energy Major

Hong Kong-based floating wind power generation pioneer Ocean Wind International Industrial Limited has confirmed that it will be entering into preliminary talks with senior executives at the Malaysian integrated oil & gas major, Petronas in April.
The talks will center on Petronas’s energy transition plans and the role that Ocean Wind International can potentially play in those plans as the world continues its move toward carbon neutrality. Petronas is often cited as a major potential force in Asia’s drive to embrace renewables in general and floating wind power generation in particular on account of its extensive experience with offshore oil & gas.

Jeremy Fitzroy, Ocean Wind International’s Chairman & CEO, said, “Over the years, Petronas has invested heavily in offshore fossil fuel exploration and production using floating rigs and we think our experience can help make their transition to wind power production considerably smoother.”

“Obviously, it’s far too soon to begin patting ourselves on the back but the very fact that our solutions have helped to open such an important door is something to be excited about,” he added.
The development comes as the continent prepares to take over from the United States and Europe as the economic powerhouse of the future and as the region’s nations begin to step up their efforts in renewable and clean power generation.
Ocean Wind International’s solutions continue to attract considerable interest among many integrated fossil fuel producers in the region who are keen to partner with national governments to bring about carbon neutrality by the start of the second half of the century.
Source: Ocean Wind International Industrial Limited