Obtain Transferable Job Skills

Most people send out their resumes out to many different companies and never get any replies. It’s not your resume sending techniques; it’s your skills or lack thereof. No longer do theoretical skills appeal to employers unless you’re a math major. Your marketable skills have to show accomplishment rather than be a list of inexperienced skills.

Start a side project in your spare time that can bring out your value. If your job field is marketing, then create a viral campaign on the internet and document the process. You’ll not only hone in on your marketing skills, but will demonstrate application of your knowledge.

Get an internship or volunteer position in a field where you want to develop skills. If you’re interested in managing a restaurant business, become a waiter or a busboy. But don’t sit back and work. Be active and ask questions on how things are run. Make it clear that you have a desire to learn and are willing to learn things from the ground up.

If you currently have a job at a company, ask to participate in any projects they might be having. You don’t have to be the team leader in the group, but at least show you played a part in their success. This also shows your interest in the company and your eagerness to stay on top of their affairs.

The key is to keep learning, no matter what stage of your career you’re at. Transferable job skills don’t develop overnight. They require effort and some initiative on your part, but it will have long-lasting effects on your career. Being able to talk intelligently and confidently about a project for which you played a primary role in its success is incredibly important. Make sure you can describe the problem clearly and how your project solved the problem, even to a nontechnical person. Showing passion for your work is very attractive for a prospective employer.

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