Oax Sport Management Launches a New Athletic Team

Oax Sport Management sports agency announces the launch of a club made up of young runners from the San Pablo Güilá community, gathered to share their interest in athletics and the practice of mutual support. The agency saw the need to help local runners through sports administration and sponsorship, which led to the Bekw yâs Güilá team’s formation.

Oax Sport, based in Oaxaca, Mexico, offers services that help local competitors manage their sports careers. Through public relations and marketing services, the agency assists sponsors seek a greater return on their sponsorship investment.

Established in early 2020, Oax Sports is emerging as a successful sports agency focused on leading and supporting recognized athletes and young people with potential. The agency has a social media reach of more than 50,000 monthly interactions and a presence in print media with publications in Oaxaca’s prominent newspapers.

“Young athletes from small communities are often underserved when it comes to athletic scholarships and club scouting. Corporations and schools only target city residents and their organizations. For that reason, we at the agency believe in the need to reach out to the athletes in the communities and recognize that these sports talents require attention and support. The Bekw yâs Güilá team is one of our projects in this regard. We plan to improve these young runners’ preparation and connect them with the opportunities that exist.” Eddi Pérez Silva, sports director, Oax Sport Management.

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At the local level, Oax Sport has demonstrated its commitment to the sports community by financing and promoting some athletes’ participation in competitions selected for their importance in the country and the United States. Such as:

• Pescado de Moctezuma, Veracruz – Teotihuacán
• Caballo Blanco Ultra Marathon, Chihuahua
• Ultra-Trail Oso Negro, Nuevo León

In addition to planning the participation of Oaxacans outside the country 2021 – 2022:
• Pikes Peak Marathon, Colorado
• Western States 100 Mile, California
• Houston Marathon, Texas

“It is an encouraging opportunity to work on this project. Oax Sport has helped us put together a plan and create a program for aspiring athletes to come together, achieve improvement, and reach their goals. We don’t only seek support in sports, but also encourage them in the advancement of their studies. We want to help the team members to find a university program in an institution that allows them to learn, practice sports, and grow “. Hernan Luis García, Team Manager, Bekw yâs Güilá.

By establishing and managing the Bekw yâs Güilá sports team, Oax Sport Management fulfills its commitment to promote young athletes. The services provided to the team members allow them to receive sports training and also seek to advance their education and find opportunities for study and sports scholarships in Mexico and outside the country.

Oax Sport Management sports agency comprises professionals of different origins and backgrounds who provide quality services to local athletes and clubs. It enables athletes to structure their sports careers by offering guidance, mentoring, training, marketing consultations, and comprehensive business services.

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