NuEyes Targets Gaming and Entertainment With Pro 3e

NuEyes, a pioneer in the field of augmented reality smart glass technology, announces the release of the Pro 3e. The Pro 3e smart glasses are set to target the “light” enterprise customers as well as the gaming and entertainment space. The Pro 3e offers best-in-class features such as overall weight at 68 grams, 148″ viewing screen in full 1080p HD, embedded speaks, volume and brightness control on the frames of the glasses as well as being the first AR smart glasses to have a stylish “glasses” look and feel. The Pro 3e is also the first pair of AR smart glasses that is 5G-ready and the only smart glasses that are truly plug-and-play via its Type C plug to smart devices, like the Samsung S20. The Pro 3e is now available for presale (enter promo code fraser2021 for a 10% discount) and will begin to ship in May.
“As an avid gamer, the Pro 3e has been a joy to bring to market,” said Mark Greget, founder and CEO of NuEyes. “There are so many great cloud-based streaming services now. To be able to tether my controller to my phone or tablet and stream games in 5G while enjoying the content on a crisp 148″ viewing screen in full 1080p HD vs. a smaller 8-inch or 10-inch screen or a cumbersome VR device is the next evolution in technology for this space.”
NuEyes is a veteran-owned smart glass technology company based in Orange County, California, that was launched in January 2016 to assist those with eye conditions such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, and retinitis pigmentosa. Over the past five years, the company has seen extensive sales growth and has expanded its product offerings into the enterprise, gaming, and entertainment space. We are passionate about bringing to market the most innovative AR 5G-enabled Smart Glasses. For more information on the Pro 3e or any of NuEyes Technologies products, please visit or
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