NRG Physio Announces Launch of NRG360 Live

NRG360 Live, a subsidiary brand of NRG Physio, has announced the launch of its interactive care mobile messaging programs.
With these solutions, employers can offer instant access to high-quality physiotherapy in the palm of their employees’ hands. In addition to physiotherapy, the company is expanding nationally with additional interactive text-based medical offerings including Primary Care, Fitness, Nutrition, and Wellness-Based Programs. These solutions allow NRG360 Live to drastically reduce the cost of services provided directly to, and exclusively for, employers and their employees when compared with traditional care models. Better management of chronic, preventable disease and musculoskeletal disorders, combined with moving the majority of care away from in-person visits at a physician’s office, has huge implications for savings while speeding time-to-treatment. “Through our partnership with K Launch, we are delivering affordable and convenient solutions for patients to get immediate quality care – at home, on a work break, or on vacation anywhere in the world,” said Dr. Chad Nowlin, CEO of NRG Physio. 
Dr. Nowlin went on to say, “By simply texting in to begin a conversation with a physiotherapist, we can help people get pain-free, stay pain-free, and get back to work or the activities they are missing out on sooner than they otherwise would. We strongly believe that with the right tools, education, and information, people are completely capable of resolving most pain-related issues and taking care of themselves. NRG360 Live allows us to deliver that content in a way that is streamlined, systematic, and intentional.”
Whether they work at a desk or perform heavy physical labor, have a leisurely lifestyle or one packed full of activity, NRG360 Live can help them take their physical health to the next level.
About NRG360: NRG360 is an experiential text-based health care company headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, which spawned from the NRG family of companies. The mission of the NRG brand is to improve access and affordability of high-quality health care services through direct relationships with employers and patients and provide innovative and intentional communication and collaboration among the parties.
About K Launch: K Launch, a subsidiary of the global communication software company Kerauno, is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. K Launch provides turn-key managed text solutions that deliver tangible outcomes through experiential, personalized, and immersive text messaging campaigns. K Launch builds valuable relationships through fully managed text engagement services and text messaging optimization (TMO) for B2B and B2C companies, government agencies, and non-profits. The firm uses proprietary and proven communication practices, methodologies, the science of words, data and AI bot technology to build relationships and increase revenue. For more information, visit or text “KLaunch” to 55433.
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KLaunch Media Contact:  Tristyn Olmo, 317.691.1136,
Source: NRG Physio