Now Accepting Session Proposals for the 2021 Cannabis Research Conference

The Institute of Cannabis Research (ICR) at Colorado State University Pueblo, in partnership with the Oregon State University’s Global Hemp Innovation Center, announces the opening of the Call for Session Proposals today for the Cannabis Research Conference (CRC) 2021. CRC 2021 will be held on August 3-5, 2021, at CSU Pueblo. This year’s theme is “Exploring Cannabis Research Frontiers.” The deadline to submit proposals is January 15. For complete session submission guidelines, visit

“This is the fifth year we have hosted the research conference,” says Chad Kinney, director of ICR. “It was previously called The Institute of Cannabis Research Conference, but we have revised the name to reflect our partnership with Global Hemp Innovation Center at Oregon State University. We are very excited and proud to host researchers and attendees from every field of cannabis expertise around the globe.”

A session will consist of at least three 30-minute presentations but can include up to 12 presentations, including case studies, panel discussions, and tutorials taking a more in-depth, hands-on approach.

Proposed sessions should fit within the following areas:

• Biology, chemistry, physiology, and agronomy of Cannabis
• Medical & clinical research
• Hemp cultivation, processes, and uses
• Non-medical (industrial) hemp
• Cannabinoid pharmacology
• Public health and education
• Public policy and regulation
• Economic and social impact
• Quality assurance and quality control of Cannabis products
• Research administration and collaboration

Those who submit a session proposal must also agree to participate in the conference and serve as a session chair. The session chair’s primary responsibilities are to moderate the session during the conference, to recruit high-quality abstracts for the session, and participate in the peer review of the abstracts. The Program Planning Committee will notify all proposers regarding selections on February 1.

For questions about CRC 2021, proposals, sponsorship, and exhibitor opportunities, please contact

About the Hosts:
The ICR was established in 2016 at Colorado State University Pueblo, becoming the first multi-disciplinary cannabis research center at a regional, comprehensive higher education institution. The ICR supports and facilitates unbiased and innovative cannabis research in wide-ranging areas in the sciences, medical (including essential and clinical research), economic impacts, the social sciences, and the other regions. In addition to its research efforts, the ICR also supports disseminating cannabis research results through various mechanisms, including this annual conference, the publication of the Journal of Cannabis Research, and a monthly webinar series. For more information about ICR, visit

Oregon State University’s Global Hemp Innovation Center is home to the world’s leading experts in hemp research. The largest of its kind in the nation promises to advance the study of hemp and its market potential across multiple diverse industries and research fields to serve the growing international demand for innovative approaches to food, health, and fiber. For more information about the OSU Global Hemp Innovation Center, visit