Novadata launches Taxi & Private Hire Check & Defect Book

The latest defect report book from transport specialist Novadata, is the Taxi & Private Hire Defect Book, designed to assist with compliance with Section 11 of the Hackney Carriage Vehicle Conditions. Equally appropriate for use with electric, diesel or petrol vehicles, the handy A5 report book helps drivers to record a regular check on the condition of their vehicle, flagging up and recording any defects requiring rectification, in order to ensure maximum safety for both drivers and passengers.

Novadata is well known for its bus and coach daily walkaround check and defect report book and has now applied the same principles to checking smaller vehicles. “Many of our customers operate taxis, minibuses and private hire cars in addition to coaches and buses,” says Novadata MD, Su Winch. “This new book will help them to be as diligent in the maintenance of these vehicles as they are in those with more than nine seats. There is just as great a need for road safety with smaller vehicles, but until now, there has not been a helpful framework for checking and reporting defects on a regular basis. This new publication removes any guesswork by encouraging the driver to check the vehicle thoroughly and report defects, just as they would with a larger vehicle.”

The book contains sufficient sheets for 25 regular vehicle walkaround checks and has a series of simple checklists for the driver or manager to work through, to ensure that they are satisfied that the vehicle is in roadworthy condition.

These include fluid levels, fields of vision, breaking system, emergency aid, warning system, lighting, seating & seatbelts, vehicle accessibility, external condition and wheel security & tyre condition.

“Although the list is not exhaustive and does not replace the need for regular servicing and maintenance, it does provide a good framework to pick up common problems such as failed light bulbs, or to heed the presence of a worrying warning light, so that immediate action can be taken. We trust that this will help operators to remedy any hint that the vehicle is in less than roadworthy condition,” adds Su Winch.

Novadata’s new Taxi & Private Hire Defect Book can be purchased online at along with its extensive range of larger vehicle compliance books.