Not for Profit Leader in the STEM Space Launches Ambitious ‘Micro:bit for All’ Program to Get a Micro:bit STEM Kit Into the Hands of Every 5th Grader in the United States

Boolean Girl has teamed up with the Virginia Tech Thinkabit labs, The Alice and Eugene Ford Foundation and corporate sponsors like Amazon and Batelle to launch an ambitious nationwide program to spark an interest in technology, computer science and engineering.  The ‘micro:bit for All’ program aims to put a micro:bit microcontroller kit in the hands of every 5th grader so they can code, build and invent devices with lights, motors and sensors.
“This is our moonshot, ” says Brian Moran, co-founder of Boolean Girl. “We have already handed out hundreds of kits and we are only scratching the surface. There is no bigger mission than to make sure kids engage in STEM. The micro:bit kit makes it FUN.”
Sleepy Hollow Elementary school in Fairfax, Virginia is a title one school that received 75 micro:bit kits for designing, building, and prototyping.
“This powerful device is a pocket-sized computer that helps students explore how software and hardware work together,” says Kathleen Fugle STEAM Resource Teacher at Sleepy Hollow. “At the end of the school year, each fifth-grade student will receive one micro:bit kit to take home for continued STEAM learning. We are grateful to Boolean Girl, and the Virginia Tech Thinkabit Lab for this generous donation that we know will make a difference.”
With generous donations from Amazon, Abingdon Elementary in Arlington and Ferdinand T. Day Elementary in Alexandria have received dozens of kits. Barcroft Elementary school in Arlington is on deck to receive kits on December 10th and take advantage of courses taught in English and Spanish. 
“We are just getting started,” Moran said. “With more and more schools interested and more and more sponsors willing to help we really hope to hit our ambitious goal and help thousands of fifth graders!”
About Boolean: Over the past several years the non-profit Boolean Girl has taught thousands of girls to code and build things with electronics. 
For more information on Boolean Girl and getting involved in Micro:bit for all and the December 10th event please visit
Source: Boolean Girl