Northern Virginia Wholesale Lumber Suppliers Discuss Rot Resistant Wood

The Northern Virginia wholesale lumber suppliers at Curtis Lumber & Plywood recently released a blog answering the question, “what is rot resistant wood?”. This type of wood can be beneficial in a number of projects, making it a valuable resource for contractors and homeowners.

Rot resistant wood typically refers to lumber or plywood that has been treated with chemicals to help it withstand moisture and rot, though some varieties of wood are naturally rot resistant. It can be used in place of untreated wood in almost any construction project, but it is particularly popular for decks, fences, and landscaping applications, as these projects are typically subjected to weather and the elements more than others. Rot resistant wood provides an affordable way to safeguard your projects and ensure that they remain in good condition for years to come.

Micro-Guard Treated Lumber & Plywood is a pressure-treated wood that protects against corrosion, termites, and fungal decay. The wood is kiln dried after treatment to ensure that it remains at workable moisture levels while continuing to resist corrosion. This protects the lumber from warping or buckling over time. Micro-Guard treated products are also significantly lighter in color than other copper treated woods, providing an appealing color for those seeking wood with a more natural appearance.

Speak to the wholesale lumber distributors at Curtis Lumber & Plywood for more information about Micro-Guard Treated Lumber and Plywood and the benefits of rot resistant wood in general. The company carries a wide variety of lumber, plywood, and construction products, and its experienced associates can help you choose the ideal supplies for your next project. Curtis Lumber & Plywood can be contacted at 703-972-1947 or online at The firm is located at 7351 Highland Street, Springfield, VA 22150.