Northern VA Wholesale Lumber Suppliers Educates On Marine Grade Plywood

Northern VirCurtis Lumber, a Northern Virginia wholesale lumber supplier, recently released a blog educating readers on the difference between ACX and marine grade plywood and how to choose between the two. While both are similar because they are both durable, there are several key differences that businesses should be aware of before purchasing.

ACX plywood is made of high-grade wood veneer layers, with each layer’s grain perpendicular to those of the surrounding veneers. This construction makes the plywood stronger than most other varieties available. The name ACX refers to the glue and wood types used in its construction. The front face, called A, is made of a high-quality veneer with good grain. The back face, or C, is not forward-facing and is typically rougher, with small patches and visible seams. Finally, the X element is the waterproof adhesive used to cement the plywood veneers. ACX boards are ideal for products that require durability and a stylish look, such as flooring or walls.

Marine grade plywood, meanwhile, is made of Douglas fir and is durable but lightweight. It comes in several grades of ply and is made with waterproof glue. While it is stacked perpendicularly, like ACX plywood, marine grade plywood is rot resistant because of this glue and does not require any additional chemicals for protection. The glue also ensures that the plywood does not fall apart when it is exposed to water. Marine grade plywood is ideal for outdoor projects, including gazebos, docks, boats, and other items that come into frequent contact with water or humidity.

When selecting a type of plywood for your project, consider the level of durability and waterproofing needed to ensure its longevity. Think about the style you’d like the final project to have as well. You may also choose to consult a professional who is familiar with various types of plywood for support. Speak to Curtis Lumber, a wholesale lumber supplier, for more information about ACX and marine grade plywood. The wholesaler can be contacted at 703-972-1947 or online at The firm is located at 7351 Highland Street, Springfield, VA 22150.