Northern VA Dog Walking Company Discusses How To Prevent Leash Biting

Northern VA dog walking company, Paw Pals, has recently released a new educational resource discussing dog walking training and how to prevent dogs biting the leash while walking. The article is designed to help dog owners who need training assistance understand the process and get an insight into Paw Pals’ proven training and dog walking methods.

The dog walking company offers some very helpful information for dog owners that can’t seem to get their dog to stop biting the leash whenever they try to walk them. They guide the approach from their extensive experience helping provide dog owners with personalized, full-service dog walking and pet sitting services. With over 15 years of experience of dog walking and sitting experience, Paw Pals has developed a compassionate and friendly dog sitting service that you can trust. The company’s owner, the pet-loving Mary Telesz, has developed a long list of satisfied pet owners who trust their furry little friends in her caring hands.

While the most recent addition to their website helps pet owners better understand how to curb leash biting on walks, the pet sitting service offers a variety of other services for dog owners including dog sitting, cat sitting, pet transportation, and medication administration.

Paw Pals LLC believes in helping dog owners enjoy a well-deserved vacation or give their full attention to an important business trip resting assured that their beloved animals are taken care of and their homes are in good hands. With this new article, dog owners will learn about proper walking techniques and how Paw Pal’s dog walking services can help teach your dog to behave and stop biting the leash. They go over why dogs bite leashes in the first place, how to stop the leash biting, and some effective techniques for teaching dogs to relax when going on walks.

Get in touch with the dog sitting experts at Paw Pals and trust professionals who have the experience and love for animals you want. Contact Paw Pals at 703-345-1695 or visit their website at Paw Pals is located at 14001-C on Saint Germain Drive #213

In Centreville, VA.