Noitom to Exhibit Interactive Digital Avatar at IAAPA

Noitom, the world’s leading motion capture hardware solution provider for VFX, animation and gaming industries, announced it will exhibit Anisign™, the brand’s interactive digital avatar signage solution for live events, conferences, promotions and sales, at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) Expo on Nov. 15-19. The premier event for the global attractions industry, IAAPA welcomes back in-person attendees at the Orlando County Convention Center after a year’s hiatus.
“Anisign delivers digital puppeteering to anyone who wants to entertain and market to an audience in real-time using an animated avatar,” says Roch Nakajima, President of Noitom International, Inc. “Think about it as a digital costume we allow actors to wear with the click of a button. Not only can they transform into anyone and anything they want, but they can do so from anywhere in the world and be beamed live right into our customers’ venues.”
A turn-key, real-time digital display solution with the ability to bring any 2D or 3D character to life, Anisign is a cutting-edge form of interactive entertainment and a cost-effective alternative to costumed characters. Two-way cameras and microphones are built into the system, allowing any digital avatar and guests to converse and interact as if they were truly standing face-to-face. For use at theme parks, museums, public events, and in-store promotional activations, the technology benefits venues and retailers by presenting the character’s actual IP to engage with customers and offer recommendations to buyers. 
“Anisign was born from the need to elevate the consumer experience when interacting with brands and IP,” said Alberto Alvarez, Technical Director at Noitom International, Inc. “By leveraging the latest advancements in hardware, Anisign delivers a curated experience for activations of all scales.” 
With Anisign, performers can drive digital characters from anywhere in the world while interacting with guests in real-time and different languages, allowing for a seemingly localized experience to be shared around the world. Anisign offers the potential to connect with consumers in a meaningful way by centralizing talent and leveraging real-life performers while safely and conveniently maintaining social distancing guidelines with remote connections. 
Noitom’s content development division, Noitom Studios, customizes each character for clients to create memorable and immersive environments aligned with the brand’s IP while maintaining a turn-key operation philosophy, ensuring rapid deployments. Each 2D and 3D character, whether human, animal or imagined, is individually sketched, modeled and rigged for full body and facial capture, creating personalizing elements and realistic movements. 
IAAPA Expo attendees can check out Noitom’s HoloTeleporter at the IAAPA registration booth, located in the south concourse, before having their fortunes read by a sometimes wily 3D mystic raccoon at Noitom’s booth (#3419). In addition to exhibiting at the conference, Noitom will serve as this year’s official IAAPA character entertainment sponsor. 
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About Noitom International, Inc.
Noitom has long been at the forefront of democratizing mocap by eliminating the need for fixed installations and putting interactive technology directly in the hands of creators. Noitom’s team of dedicated engineers develops world-class motion capture for consumers and industrial markets such as theme parks, museums and retailers. Noitom’s motion capture systems are applicable for digital signage, virtual production, animation, robotics, medicine, VFX, 3D and game development. Noitom is located in Beijing with its U.S. headquarters in Miami. For more information, visit our website.
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Source: Noitom International, Inc.