Noah ’40’ Shebib, Drake and Justice Fund Announce End-of-Year Recap in Support of Toronto Nonprofits

Justice Fund Toronto is pleased to announce its end-of-year recap in support of local Toronto nonprofit organizations. Through reforming philanthropy, community infrastructure and community-led initiatives, the organization is hopeful that its work has contributed to the safety, security and well-being of communities within the Greater Toronto Area.
“We’re grateful to the community organizations, grassroots leaders and advisors that have supported Justice Fund’s inaugural year,” says co-founder Noah “40” Shebib. “I’m thrilled that, in our first year of operations, Justice Fund has been able to support over 10,000 individuals with the efforts of our community partners and leaders.”
There is a significant social and economic divide happening in the city Justice Fund Toronto calls home. Justice Fund has spent its first year distributing money directly to the people in communities that need it most. There is an opportunity for the government to re-evaluate how charitable assets are allocated and the organization aims to operate as a bridge to the communities in need of these funds.
Sixty-six percent of donations made in Canada and 67% of funding granted by the Canadian government are allocated to just one percent of charities. Transformational change is desperately needed within the Canadian charitable sector, and Justice Fund will work continually and collaboratively to combat these structural issues.
“Toronto has given so much to us,” says Drake. “I’m proud to support Justice Fund’s work in collaboration with community-led organizations to empower the next generation with the resources they need to explore, create and grow.”
Justice Fund has distributed over $1 million in charitable assets to Toronto communities. This has included 335 care packages, the delivery of over 2,000 hours of online education, organized outdoor and experiential community programming, and the allocation of $500,000 of unrestricted, trust-based philanthropic funding and additional wrap-around services. Justice Fund has been able to assist over 10,000 individuals through its programs with support from its partner organizations.
“Our city has the potential for greatness but many Black and Indigenous communities are suffering from decades of underinvestment and a relentless pandemic,” states Justice Fund CEO and co-founder Yonis Hassan. “As Justice Fund continues to grow, we look forward to doing our part to support Toronto youth and the nonprofits that support them with unrestricted, comprehensive and long-term support.”
Justice Fund would like to thank its partners, funders and community organizations for the support thus far, as the organization continues to support the changemakers and leaders seeking to end the unconscionable inequalities and violence faced by Torontoians.
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Justice Fund Toronto is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting communities in conflict with the law through three strategic priorities: supporting community-led initiatives, reforming philanthropy, and creating community infrastructure.
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