No. 1 Pickleball Racket Brand Niupipo Launches Newest Range of Pickleball Racket Sets

Niupipo has been in the pickleball business since 2012 and has become the No.1 pickleball brand on with over 300,000 rackets being sold worldwide every year.
“For the novice, for the pro, for everyone”: Niupipo’s brand slogan perfectly summarizes exactly what the brand stands for. Over the years, more and more people have become obsessed with pickleball; even a crossover of players from other sports are now into the sport. One of the reasons is that pickleball is a less strenuous and injury-prone game that has the same fundamentals and enjoyment for everyone. And Niupipo keeps adapting advanced technology and excellent materials to produce easier-to-control paddles for every player.
Having cooperated with a large number of professional pickleball athletes like Frank Anthony Davis, Niupipo not only provides athletes with more suitable game rackets to help them get better results but also deeply understands and studies athletes’ swinging habits.
Niupipo’s bestselling paddle sets are the Niupipo Fiberglass Paddle Set and Niupipo Explorer Pro Graphite Paddle. The similar features are:
 · Premium Grip and Perfect Handle Size – Perforated, sweat-absorbent, and cushioned paddles to allow for a better grip and more comfortable hold. · Less Weight and Stress – Noticeably lighter than most standard rackets, allowing for long-time play and producing less strain and injuries.
Here’s a further breakdown of each paddle.
Niupipo Fiberglass Paddle Set:· USAPA Approved Rackets – Niupipo’s fiberglass rackets and equipment have passed USA Pickleball Association testing approved for sanctioned tournament play. · More Power and Less Noise – The racket face is made with fiberglass, making it slightly more powerful than a graphite face, and the polypropylene-honeycomb composition offers ideal strength and stiffness.· 2 Sets to Choose From – 2 Paddles Set includes: 2 rackets, 4 balls, and 1 pickleball bag, awesome for pros and beginners. 4 Paddles Set includes: 4 rackets, 4 balls, 4 replacement grips, and 1 pickleball bag, ideal for a game of doubles.· Black/Grey Color Set to Choose From
Niupipo Explorer Pro Graphite Paddle: · USA Approved Pickleball Paddles – The pickleball paddle is made to meet USA standards in core material, surface, size, weight, bounce, hardness, and design. An excellent choice for World Pickleball Championship, APP Tour, PPA Tour, etc.· Added Grit for Extra Pop and Spin – The racket features a graphite and grit face, keeping the ball on the racket a split second longer for greater control and increasing spin and ball “rolls”.· Offers More Control and Power – Made with a polypropylene honeycomb core, the paddle offers greater durability, control and increased power and can withstand a heavy beating.
Niupipo pickleball racket sets are ready for purchase on and Fiberglass Paddle set ranges from $59.99-$119.99; visit for more information.Niupipo Explorer Pro Graphite Paddle is $79.99; visit to learn more.
Source: Niupipo