Nitin Jain, a Serial Entrepreneur, Launches New Influencer Marketing Packages

Nitin Jain, an award-winning serial entrepreneur in India, has launched one of India’s most economical influencer marketing services for both Indian and global companies looking to promote their product or services with the help of Instagram influencers.

Nitin Jain is the founder and CEO of India PR Distribution India’s award-winning PR services. India PR distribution provides quality press release distribution services focused on India.

India PR Distribution has recently launched International Press Release submission packages in partnership with leading International Press houses from all over the world.

Backed by the success of India PR Distribution, Nitin Jain has launched Instagram Influencer marketing to his clients. “The team is delighted to announce the launch of this new venture, which is aimed at bringing together Indian Instagram influencers and corporates who are looking to reach out to the followers of these influencers. Company methods and policies are going to be entirely ethical and in line with Instagram and government policies. “, says Nitin.

“Many entrepreneurs want to improve the world. Whether they believe in space exploration, eliminating poverty, or creating a product that is both practical and revolutionary, at the end of the day, they are all working in the service of others. Some entrepreneurs use their businesses to raise funds quickly for causes that matter to them. In the world of social entrepreneurship, building an empire is about creating a better world for everyone.”, says Nitin

India PR distribution has become a pioneer brand name for quality press release distribution to Indian and global media. Today, India PR Distribution has tie-ups with leading publications and portals.

India PR Distribution ensures a wide reach of the press release to both media and the target audience. In a short period, India PR Distribution has established a leadership position in the Press Release distribution sector in India, thanks to its innovative approach.

“Calculated risk-taking and entrepreneurship go hand in hand.”, says Nitin. Nitin Jain is an MBA from TVU London, having more than 20 years of experience setting up various profitable ventures. Nitin Jain is also a Chief technical Officer and Marketing Head in multiple organizations that are now generating impressive revenue streams. “The essential qualities for success as an entrepreneur are knowledge of marketing, business development, customer service, leadership, recruitment, and project management. But being an entrepreneur also requires tenacity, concentration, determination, and an insatiable desire to learn. And of course the ability to constantly reinvent yourself!” says Nitin.

About Nitin Jain India PR Distribution:
Nitin Jain India PR Distribution is the first PR portal that has both press release distribution and ‘help a journalist/reporter’ feature. We offer press release distribution service. Our team submits your release to leading Indian media publications including National and regional newspapers, TV channels, English and Hindi magazines, influencer and other distribution networks. Nitin Jain India PR Distribution also offers a feature where members of the press can have direct access to credible sources. Reporters can use this feature to contact experts and influencer that can provide relevant information for their story.

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