Niche Marketing In A Nutshell – How To Make Money Online With Profitable Niche Sites

Have you heard about niche marketing? If yes, you are on the right track to making money online. If no, then please read on…

Niche Marketing is a super lucrative marketing method and online business system which focuses on targeting various micro lucrative niches to make money online. When I say “micro”, it means niches that have not yet been discovered or are still pretty much untapped. By tapping into these micro niches, you will not be competing with the big guns out there. Instead, you will be catering to a targeted group of audiences and hungry customers that are waiting to buy your digital information and products.

Doing niche marketing is a very interesting business as you get to venture into numerous different niches and markets. You will not only earn great money from niche marketing but you will also get to learn new things from niche marketing. I particularly enjoy doing niche marketing by creating multiple niche sites or niche blogs to promote affiliate products on various lucrative niches. I usually come out and build 2-3 niche sites every week to target profitable micro niches. Of course, before you can even start to design and build your niche sites, you will need to do intensive research, that is, carefully-structured keyword research, to discover hot profitable niches to market on your sites/blogs.

The thing about doing niche marketing is that, it is quantity that counts as you will need to have a collections of various lucrative niche sites in order to earn great amount of money online. Basically, for my own money-making niche sites, I will carefully research and find the top 10 most lucrative niches to venture into. Now you might be asking, “Oh didn’t you said that we should target only untapped micro niches instead of common and extremely-competitive top niches?” Yes, I did said that but I am not targeting these common popular niches… I am identifying the top 10 most profitable niches and then I will narrow them down, i.e. going into sub-niches. Bingo! By going deeper into the top niches and coming out with micro sub-niches within the niches, you will avoid the excessive competitiveness and get straight into making money online from your niche sites.

Niche marketing has become a prevalent online business system for numerous online marketers to utilize and make great money online. It simply works and if you put your time, effort and money into creating and venturing into more niche sites every week in and week out, your online revenue income is just going to be an exponential growth for the long run. Many Internet Marketing Gurus out there will tell you how they achieve their wealth online from their “Secret Techniques” or “Secret Tricks”. They will usually say that they made big bucks online from here and there using secret tricks and techniques. Yes, they do make comfortable income online. But the thing is, they did not tell you the whole truth! These Internet Marketing Gurus make lots of money not from “secret tricks and techniques” but from their huge amount of hard work, time and money being invested into building a chain of lucrative niche sites under their belt. Simple! They made their money online from Niche Marketing and in fact, niche marketing is changing how people make money online. And I am not talking about active income streams but PASSIVE Income streams from niche marketing. In addition, the kind of niche sites that these so-called experts built are not simple cookie-cutter websites that are built within minutes using some “revolutionary” softwares. They have instead spent large amount of time, effort and money into creating and building many quality niche sites and monetize the sites for great profit online.

What is their SECRET? There is no secret at all! They simply build more and more lucrative niche sites as time goes by, and by the end of the day… they will make the bulk of the money online! If you look at the 80/20 rule, you will find that only 20 percent of the numerous Internet Marketers out there are making the most amount of money online. Why? Because they know how to do it the correct way. They may not be intelligent but they are clever and smart. They, including me, know that 80 percent of the online marketers are doing the wrong things or are either mis-led and only the 20 percent of us are making the real money online! We know how to do keyword research to identify lucrative sub-niches to target and then start building sites revolving around these sub-niches. Next, we will begin marketing these niche sites intensively and begin earning money online. And most of these niche sites are painstakingly built and set up once, monetized and optimized, do the marketing intensively for a few months and they are off to be left around to help us collect Passive Income online for the long-term!

Imagine if you have more than 100 such niche sites, if each niche site earns you just US$1 per day, one day you will earn US$100 and one month you will earn a whopping US$3000 just with these 100 lucrative niche sites! And the revenue doesn’t just stop there, you can keep increasing your portfolio of lucrative niche sites (i.e. create and build more and more lucrative niche sites), monetize the sites with more affiliate products and ads and then increase your marketing and promotion effort… then you will be making even more money online! That’s how the real Internet Marketers made their fortune ONLINE! This is the TRUTH that has been finally REVEALED!

Now, the thing that most newbie Internet Marketers face is the problem of building such quality niche sites online. Even if you have some web developing and web designing skills, you will still face another problem of how to monetize and optimize your niche sites. You are not a web designer and neither are you a SEO expert. In addition, the time and effort spent on researching and building niche sites are definitely not easy and most newbie Internet Marketers and even veteran marketers struggled at doing all these!

The Good News is, I personally own a Niche Marketing Web Development platform where I help many of my clients to build lucrative Premium Niche WordPress Sites for them to get started on the Internet. If you tap on my more than 4 years of Niche Marketing experience to assist you in building these profitable niche sites, then you will not only reduce your own workload and stress but also get to quicken your process of learning how to make money online. You too can learn how to build a wordpress website and make money online now!

For a very limited period, I am offering my services to help you build your first Premium Niche WordPress Site. The niche sites that I will be building for you will be carefully-researched, gorgeously-designed, well-monetized and SEO-Optimized and superbly well-implemented with lucrative affiliate products and ads to help you start making money online with niche websites.

About the Author: Anson Mah has been earning a comfortable full-time living online and built for himself multiple streams of passive income with various lucrative niche sites. You can do it too by owning your first niche site and get started on earning money online now! If you want to learn how to build a wordpress website and make money online, go to

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