NGO Earth Agent’s New Remote Program Will Help Young Adults

Hollywood brings so many people searching for jobs in the entertainment industry. The youth of today has more access and opportunity than prior generations did and yet it is still a struggle to enter any field in the entertainment business. Networking is a large reason why it is difficult to obtain a job. As unfortunate as it is, often times it comes down to who you know. There is constant competition and will always be someone who shares a dream with you. So when your talent and passion cancel out with another dreamer, what sets you apart is who you know.

NGO Earth Agent is starting a new program called Remote Work Company that will help young adults not only gain experience through internships and job opportunities, but develop relationships while doing so. The program is geared towards helping young adults getting over the threshold to allow them to start perusing their careers without having to worry as much about sustaining living spaces.

The program provides resources for participants durning and after the program has been completed. Housing is offered and a monthly salary will give based of the job description. An apartment will be issued. Utilities will also be included. This a wonder option because it is difficult to live in Los Angeles and with this worry not in play participants are able to focus more on their craft. After the program is completed the option of keeping the apartment or selling it back to the program is available.

NGO Earth Agent is doing their part by offering a program the is met for the youth of today.