Nextep Announces New Service Model to Better Align to Customer Needs

In its ongoing pursuit to elevate the employment experience and enrich people’s lives, Nextep announced a new service model that allows the company to better fit the needs of its clients and customer base and provide services specifically tailored to their business.
Nextep has created unique service models for three groups: Essential (2-10 employees), Core (11-75 employees), and Innovator (75+ employees).  
Over time, the company realized its product offering was more or less one size fits all and didn’t work for every client or business looking to partner with Nextep. When it comes to a business’s priorities and service needs, size is a key differentiator for the types of benefits, HR support, and onboarding processes a group is looking for. Ultimately, every business has different product needs, wants different levels of communication with their PEO, and requires different levels of expertise, and Nextep has now aligned its products, services, and pricing to better fit the needs of our diverse customer base. 
“While organizing the groups in this way positions us to serve our clients more efficiently, this has also allowed us to better serve small businesses and ensure our offerings are able to fit the needs of any company. This new service model is another example of our commitment to transparency and elevating the employment experience for our clients,” said Charity McMahon, Nextep’s Vice President of Operations.  
Setting up these groups allows Nextep to arrange its service teams in a way that’s designed to best serve the specific needs of clients and prospects. Each group will have designated Nextep service members available who are not only experts on their business, but they’re also trained and equipped to handle the common needs and concerns that come along with the three different group sizes. 
“It’s a pretty huge deal for us. Not only have we created specialized groups to service our clients and their specific HR needs even better, but we can also appeal to a broader range of businesses because our product, service, and price are specifically tailored to match their needs,” said Nextep’s VP of Sales, Breanna Honeycutt.
Current Nextep clients will not experience a change in service quality or speed. In fact, the exceptional service they know and expect from Nextep will be more hand-tailored for their business and more streamlined than ever. 
About NextepAs a CPEO, Nextep provides companies access to big-company benefits and HR services, which can help them become premier employers. With Nextep as a partner, businesses have comprehensive HR, benefits, payroll, and risk and compliance solutions without the burden of administrative duties. 
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