Next Level Urgent Care (NLUC) Enters Deal With Montgomery County for Employee Health Services

Next Level Urgent Medical, LLC has entered into an agreement with Montgomery County to provide an affordable healthcare option to Montgomery County employees through its Next Level PRIME program, which includes access to primary care and urgent care services at all Next Level Urgent Care clinics.
The deal, which was approved by the commissioner during the court’s regular meeting, will facilitate access to affordable healthcare for all Montgomery County employees – though proves particularly beneficial for those in more rural areas and further from the county’s Conroe health facility, such as Precincts 2 and 4.
The county will pay one low monthly fee for each participating employee and their dependents, providing access to a wide array of Next Level primary care health services at any of their state-of-the art clinics – from broken bones and acute care needs to chronic medical conditions.
According to the Montgomery County Purchasing Director, Gilbert Jalomo, there is no charge to county employees or additional “behind the scenes charges” to the county.
“There is coverage everywhere,” Jalomo said.
The deal, applauded by County Judge Mark Keough, provides county employees with robust healthcare options that serve as either primary or supplemental healthcare, as well as access to 24/7 connection with a navigator, telemedicine, mental health services and more.
Those enrolled in the Next Level PRIME program have seen a 20 percent reduction in ER visits, decreased costs for basic healthcare needs, fewer hospitalizations and improved health in those suffering from chronic illness as a result of accessibility and preventive care.
Additionally, Next Level will work with employers to ensure that patients receive formulary medication and in-network referrals to further reduce cost of care.
According to Allyson Cooper, vice president of business development for Next Level Urgent Care, the Next Level PRIME program not only provides employers with expanded employment benefit offerings, but also extends the reach of quality healthcare to more rural areas.
Next Level founder and CEO, Juliet Breeze MD, said that the growing popularity of the PRIME program underscores the need for quality, affordable healthcare options in local as well as rural communities.
“We are working to fill the gaps that exist in healthcare today. Adequate coverage at a price that families can afford represents such a gap. This is one of the main reasons I began Next Level Urgent Care eight years ago – and why our programs are built around the needs of families and their communities,” said Breeze.
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