Next Door Creations Launches Ballroom Breakroom: A New Way To Energize Your Team In The Workplace

Next Door Creations, LLC has partnered with premier ballroom dance instructors to design a customized virtual program perfect for the workplace. Our mission is to help facilitate a healthier work environment for your employees to improve posture, reduce stress, foster team collaboration, and make the workplace more enjoyable.

Our Ballroom Breakroom wellness program will not only benefit your employees, but your company as a whole! Many studies have shown the proven effectiveness of corporate health programs to increase profitability through better employee performance and improved attendance through increased employee health. Dance in particular improves brain function on numerous levels. Regularly implementing a dance practice maximizes brain function and enhances intelligence because it demands rapid decision-making. The student of dance is constantly asking themselves: How fast should I be moving? Which way do I need to turn? Where is my body in space? This split-second decision-making increases neural connectivity and helps employees to think in new ways.

Founder of Next Door Creations, Lauryn Wendus, started her career in a corporate setting and now as a business owner, she still spends much of her day behind a computer. She knows firsthand the impact that sitting for long hours can have on posture and the stress it can put on our bodies. She finds movement breaks to be critical to her daily well-being. Dance has enriched her life personally, and she feels now more than ever that employees and employers should have access to its amazing benefits.