Nexio and Complete Merchant Solutions Announce Brand Consolidation

Nexio, a fintech organization, today announced it is consolidating brands with its parent company, Complete Merchant Solutions (CMS), in order to create a more cohesive payments experience and expand its presence in the industry. The two companies have worked in tandem for several years.
“We’re very excited for this new era and what it will unlock for our customers,” said David Decker, Jr., Co-founder of CMS and CEO of Nexio. “Nexio was born to fulfill the technological needs that CMS couldn’t meet on its own. Consolidating the two brands into one will allow us to simplify processes and improve the services we provide to our customers.”
CMS’s payment processing and sales enablement services will be rebranded and included as part of Nexio’s products and solutions. 
Nexio’s integrated merchant acquiring services, formerly CMS, specializes in providing payment processing for businesses with complex payment needs. Its omnichannel and multi-currency payment processing capabilities empower businesses to scale at their own pace and timeline. 
Nexio’s technology platform supports back office software for vertical software companies (SaaS), independent sales organizations (ISOs), and merchants to manage their payment and sales operations. Nexio provides long-term stability through its dynamic network of banks.
The processing services combine with Nexio’s existing products to create strategic, comprehensive payment solutions. The company curates unique product offerings for businesses needing domestic and international payment processing, embedded or integrated payments, and independent sales agent and ISO enablement. Each solution ensures businesses maintain control over their commerce strategy so they can adapt as their business scales and evolves. 
“Nexio and CMS have always shared a vision of helping businesses reach their ultimate potential,” stated Decker. “Combining our technology and services under one brand enables us to achieve this vision in new ways. We’re creating a more dynamic, streamlined, and powerful payments platform that transforms payment processing from a standard business expense to a competitive advantage.”
Founded in 2008, Nexio is a leading acquiring and back-office commerce platform for agents, ISOs, vertical SaaS, and complex merchant profiles. This includes business in direct sales, e-commerce subscriptions, travel, nutraceuticals, property management software, and more. Nexio’s technology and services empower businesses to simplify payment complexity, optimize payment revenue, and scale to meet their needs now and in the future.
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Source: Nexio